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3 Reasons Why Your Mattress Has To Be Changed Time To Time

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Many adults lose mobility at a young age because of incorrect posture and back pain. When people experience pain, they find it an excuse to not become physically active, further deteriorating their health. Sometimes incorrect posture or an injury can cause pain, but do you often wake up with back pain? 

Lower back pain is quite common in adults due to their long working hours in an incorrect posture. But did you know that your mattress can be one big reason behind your constant backache? Most people spend one-third of their life sleeping on their beds. Therefore, a famous brand like Sealy and a few others concentrate on making an orthopedically correct mattress that helps support your back the way a mattress should and offer maximum comfort. 

So, if you have been dealing with back pain for a very long time, there are high chances that your mattress is negatively affecting your body. Scroll down to find out why your bed is negatively affecting your health. 

An old mattress does not offer enough support to your back.

The mattress has a shelf life that is about 8 to 10 years. Once you cross these numbers, there are chances that your mattress has lost its firmness and can cause back problems. Scientifically, if you study, your back is made up of soft bones called vertebrae intercrossed. These bones give a natural curve to your body which needs support. An extremely hard or soft mattress applies pressure on the tendons and ligaments, resulting in severe lower back pain. 

What are the signs that your mattress is causing back pain?

 Do you walk up in the morning and feel tired? Or do you experience pain in your lower back every morning? If this is what you are experiencing every day in your life, then you honestly need to pay attention. Below are signs that your mattress has lost its firmness and needs a replacement. 

  1. You keep turning and tossing all night because you aren’t comfortable while sleeping. It is a clear sign that your mattress is not supporting your natural curves and causing discomfort. 
  2. If you feel good while going to sleep but wake up feeling uneasy or distressed, your mattress has aged and is why you are in discomfort. 
  3. If you are experiencing hip pain, joint pain, or spine pain, you must check your mattress and never think of sleeping in the same bed again.

What are the other health problems that can be caused because of a bad mattress?

A bad mattress or an old mattress can lead to the following discomforts. 

  • You might suffer from an allergy because of the dust and bacteria settled in a used mattress. 
  • It can cause trouble in sleeping 
  • It will increase your joint pain
  • You can develop sleeping disorders
  • You might experience night sweats that can be responsible for your disturbed sleep.

By now, you must have understood what can happen if you stick to your old mattresses for way too long. But it is better late than never. So, if you already have an orthopedic condition, you must think twice before investing in a mattress. Sealy is one of the topmost mattress manufacturers in Australia, and you can probably find some exciting discounts on it if you know which platform to buy from. 

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