7 Benefits of a Caravan GPS Tracker

Travelers looking for safe and exciting domestic trips are turning to van life culture. And in 2021, caravan sales have increased by around 15% compared to past years.

If you’re the proud owner of a caravan, you’re responsible for keeping your vehicle safe and secure.

To avoid accidents, theft, and lost money, a caravan GPS tracker is essential. Learn how these trackers work and the top seven reasons why your caravan needs one.

How Caravan Trackers Work

A GPS tracker is one caravan accessory you definitely don’t want to skip.

These trackers connect to satellites to track your caravan’s location at all times. While some GPS systems are built into vehicles, others can be bought in the form of a small device.

Depending on the type, they can plug into the caravan for power or get their power from a rechargeable battery. When the car is running, these devices record location, unusual behavior, and other information, depending on the model.

Then, this information is stored within an app (such as on your phone) or a monitoring station, where staff monitor and give emergency alerts when needed.

Top Benefits of a GPS Tracker

GPS trackers can benefit any type of vehicle. But for caravan owners and road trippers, a GPS tracker can be lifesaving.

Here are the top seven benefits you can expect by installing a vehicle tracker in your caravan.

1. Prevent Theft

As the sales of caravans rise, so do thefts. And for a thief, stealing a caravan is a lucrative choice.

If you own a caravan, chances are that caravan contains your entire life when you’re on the road. You may have expensive devices, money, and other valuables inside that you couldn’t bear to have stolen.

Even when parked at home without your belongings inside, a stolen caravan can earn thieves over $100,000, depending on the model and specs. Not having GPS caravan security can be a costly mistake. 

If your caravan is stolen with a vehicle location tracker inside, you can be quickly alerted and given the current location. This is crucial in making sure that you track down and recover your valuable vehicle.

2. Personal Safety

A GPS tracker can be used for more than notifying you of your caravan’s location if it’s stolen. It can be also used when you’re inside to notify someone of your location.

If you’re on the road in your caravan and you enter a dangerous situation or get lost, you can send a signal to one of the GPS’s contacts to call for help.

This can increase personal safety and confidence when exploring new places in your caravan.

3. Road Safety

Depending on the type of caravan tracker you choose, it may be able to track your driving habits.

Fleet and transportation companies have been increasingly using GPS to track their employees’ driving. And you can do the same in your caravan. Some caravan trackers can alert you if you’re driving above the speed limit. Others can alert you if you drive on the wrong side of the road during fatigued driving.

Hold yourself accountable for driving safely or track the driving of a family member. GPS can help you drive more safely when traveling.

4. Remember Your Trip

Caravans are a road tripper’s dream. You can explore new places while bringing the comfort of home with you.

And as you explore and drive in places off the beaten path, you can track your entire trip with GPS. This is great for recording those spontaneous stops you may want to revisit in the future. You can also see what scenic roads you took and what rest stops you used.

All the details can be stored in your caravan tracker to be referred back to later.

5. Caravan Maintenance

Your caravan likely logs thousands of miles, doing a lot of work on the road for you and your family. That’s why regular maintenance is crucial.

But most people forget when to get an oil change or other necessary servicing. If you have a GPS tracker in your caravan, it can tell you when it’s time to get vehicle maintenance. By logging distance, you can keep track of when to schedule repairs and maintenance, keeping your caravan in excellent shape.

6. Save Money

The initial cost of a GPS tracker may be a big investment for your caravan (though there are many budget-friendly options available too). But having a tracker can actually save you money in the future.

It goes without saying that theft prevention can prevent thousands of dollars lost if your caravan was stolen. There are other ways a GPS system can save you money too.

For example, your GPS can help you track and calculate gas mileage. If you’re traveling far in your caravan, gas can make a huge dent in your travel budget. But by knowing your gas mileage, you can change your driving habits or the routes you take to improve gas mileage and save money.

7. Easy Directions for Driving

GPS is traditionally known for its ability to help drivers navigate the road with ease. And this can certainly extend to your caravan adventures too.

A good GPS navigation system will track your vehicle, keep you connected, and give you the most efficient driving directions when traveling.

You can look for road barriers, such as construction, or destinations and sights you want to add to your road trip. You can also find rest stops and campgrounds for caravans.

Avoid distracted driving and dying phone batteries, and instead rely on a trusty GPS tracker to help you navigate the roads with ease.

Make the Most of Caravan Life

Don’t let anything get in the way of you enjoying your time on the road in your caravan.

Caravan owners face possible theft, safety issues, regular maintenance requirements, and more. But one simple GPS tracker can help you protect your vehicle and yourself when traveling.

Find a GPS tracker for your caravan, and continue enjoying your road trip adventures well into the future! And for more travel inspiration and tips, be sure to read our latest travel articles!