7 Things to Keep in Mind to Transform Your Terrace Into a Cool Sanctuary

Terrace Into a Cool Sanctuary

If you have a terrace or a balcony, consider yourself extremely lucky. In many cities across the world, even a tiny balcony can be categorized as an exquisite luxury! Balconies and terraces are often neglected apart from the occasional stroll now and then. But they are worth so much more. 

With adjustable pedestal flooring, healthy sprouting of plants, appropriate lighting, and furniture, you can transform these spaces into the most relaxing area of your house or apartment.

  1. Safety

There can be no compromise with safety, especially if you have children and pets. Always make sure the edge of the balcony or terrace is properly fortified with walls or strong railing. You can also opt for a combination of both, as putting up high walls may not be appealing to many. Also, if you live in a cold region, installing fire pits in small balconies may pose fire hazards. If you do install one, keep fire extinguishers nearby.

  1. Area

The overall look and design of the space will largely depend upon the total area available. Irrespective of the size, you can spruce up all outdoor spaces. For instance, installing a single hammock on your balcony can give you a relaxing space where you can soak yourself in warm sunlight or take a lazy afternoon nap.

  1. Temperature

You have to take into account the climate and temperature before designing or decorating. Fighting the weather is an upscale battle. It is better to blend in with some clever solutions. To avoid being exposed to too much sun, try installing an outdoor canopy or umbrella. Similarly, during the winters, accessorize the space with furry pillows, drugs, and thick blankets.

  1. Budget

Decorating an outdoor space such as a balcony or terrace is nothing short of a project, especially if you are going for a specified setting like a Zen garden or pergola bar. As with the rule for any project, budgeting is a must. Otherwise, it becomes hard to put a bracket on where to stop.

  1. Furniture

The type of furniture you use will define the tone of the entire space. If you are going with a minimalistic look, then including too much furniture will not be suitable. 

Try to match or complement the colour of the walls with that of the furniture. For instance, if the walls are painted with a light colour, you can perhaps choose furniture from a darker shade of the same colour. Also, do not pick any furniture that is disproportionately bigger as compared to the total area.

  1. Colour

Colour is directly associated with the mood of any outdoor setting. If you have a tiny space at your disposal, use lighter shades to colour the walls, such as warm tan or cool grey. You can also layer the area with various items having different shades of the same colour or having contrasting colours.

  1. Floor

A chilling outdoor space can be an excellent place to entertain guests. The first thing a person walks into is the floor of the balcony or terrace. And it does not look or feel good to walk on a bland slab of concrete. 

Go with adjustable pedestal flooring with your choice of material, such as tiles, timber, stones, etc. Raised floors with adjustable pedestals can create an even surface and allow the installation of drainage and lighting systems underneath.

While decorating an outdoor space like a balcony or a terrace, you can never underdo it in terms of effort. Just laying a faux turf underneath a recliner is enough to transform the space. If nothing else, you can always start a herb garden!