Activation of Ccleaner with free license key

Ccleaner responds to one of the best free sterilization programs on the market, it is a British project, where its developers masterfully designed it to apply deep cleaning to computers, and free them from all kinds of junk files. For this reason, among others that you will know in this content, you will be able to know how to obtain the Ccleaner professional license key and other versions. And the best thing is, it is an excellent computer or PC optimization tool, and despite its free concept, the pro series is paid. But keep reading, and get to know its benefits up close.

Ccleaner license key

It should start with obtaining the Ccleaner license key , that although its professional version obeys a small program, its power is enormous, and without a doubt a powerful and useful ally in the matter of deep cleaning of any computer.

It is undoubtedly a competent and intuitive program that is always active, detecting and cleaning the garbage at all times; Actually, due to its action, it does not seem to be free, because in addition, in functional terms, it can be affirmed without a doubt that it surpasses its similar paid peers.

For something it is one of the most popular and demanded in the world market, who strive to access the Ccleaner license key. In this sense, the version of Ccleaner 5.60-61 is so powerful, that it is capable of eradicating programs that interfere without leaving traces of these in the computer. In addition, it provides a very convenient feature, such as registry defragmentation and cleaning, which is worthwhile.

Ahira well, any of its versions are perfectly downloadable, by accessing the respective Ccleanerr license key, be it the professional or Plus in Russian for Windows. Your program operates with XP and other programs. Its free series require a simple installation process, where just by installing the program you get one of the functional versions of CCleaner Professional 5.60.7307.

But in addition, the whole process is quite simple, in addition there is no need to download it using torrent, in view of having a direct link to the file with the program.

On the other hand, by having the Ccleaner license key, the free program is available, designed to eliminate unnecessary and temporary files from the computer. In addition, it includes a registry cleaner, through which it allows the user to get rid of old entries that are no longer used. With just this action, hard disk space is freed up, therefore, the efficiency and performance of the operating system is increased.

Even Ccleaner itself, to better manage windows 7 and 8 so that they work more efficiently. At the time of emptying the trash, destroying registry files, cookies, history, Internet Explorer cache, temporary files from other applications, such as Google Toolbar, eMule, Netscape, MS Office, Adobe Acrobat, Nero, WinRAR, etc, and it does so from automatically.

What is Ccleaner?

In plain terms, Ccleaner is a tool for cleaning computer disks. Where its power acts to eradicate those files controlled in the short term, it includes uninstallation tools, detects records that take up more space as well as duplicate data. Its objective is only one, to clean and free up space on the hard disk, where Ccleaner undoubtedly stands as one of the most popular in the list of users in the entire world.

For this reason, it is in great demand in obtaining its Ccleaner license key, and according to official estimates, its use has an extraordinary volume of users on the planet. Even software engineers point out that their popularity is such that they are easier to manage than any janitor and beginner.

However, its high performance can optimize a personal or mobile computer in an instant. Not to mention its multiple advanced tasks for power users.

At the same time, it is capable of cleaning up junk and pop-up windows in browsers; its professional version of Ccleaner is also very favorable and free. It can be downloaded to a portable, desktop or smart mobile PC. Although you can apply an extended version designed for a standard price. It should be noted that its software provides 3 efficient and attractive fundamental tools, namely:

  • File recovery tool.
  • Hard disk optimizer.
  • System information tool.

Garbage collector features

That said, it is worth mentioning the most notorious characteristics of this great program, and the reason for its demand in the world, whose users are anxiously looking for their Ccleaner license key to install it on their computers and other devices:

  • Its module is fully functional to eradicate junk and unnecessary records from the system.
  • It has intuitive enhanced scanning technologies.
  • Allows user to create support and registration option.
  • It has an uninstaller to eliminate junk programs.
  • It is capable of deleting all the data on the hard drive, and freeing up space on it.
  • Provides a high capacity to delete cookies optimally and selectively.
  • Provides support for various programs for Windows, including Microsoft Silverlight, AVG 2011, LogMeIn Hamachi, Audacity, Windows Game Explorer, BitTorrent.
  • Provides support, optimizing the Internet Explorer 9 beta, Google Chrome, torrent, Vuze client.
  • It has 64-bit operating system support.
  • It provides a convenient, very simple and friendly user interface.

Download Ccleaner for Windows in Russian for free

Part of the reasons that lead millions of users to find and install the Ccleaner license key is that while the Windows operating system is running, this tool collects all kinds of dirt accumulated in temporary files. This fact alone represents a huge advantage, since computers gain space and, because it is well known that this garbage in almost all cases slows down systems.

Windows especially needs frequent cleaning, and when you download the Ccleaner license key, the tools indicated for this purpose are activated, constituting an excellent assistant. Look for sterile cookies, transitory content usually left by web browsing, search strings, among others.

And the best thing, the system does not suffer with the elimination of such files, since they have lost their usefulness and only take up space. Ccleaner also targets temporary files from third-party programs, such as WinRAR and others.

But in addition, the system registry can also be contaminated, and Ccleaner takes care of purifying it; scans the registry to later eradicate obsolescence. Its efficient program edits the system startup list; and additionally, its utilitarian interface is simple and straightforward, and it is in Russian, which is why it shouldn’t cause problems for the user. In any case, it is suggested not to postpone cleaning the system, and try this program, for which some of its attributes are indicated:

  • Size: 14 MB.
  • Tablet: key.
  • Interface language: Russian (among others).

Without a doubt, the Ccleaner Professional Plus version is its most powerful series, placing it as a very advanced tool to detect and pulverize computer junk and Windows registry entries, cleaning all executions automatically, as well as scheduled tasks, browsing registry, files duplicates in addition to uninstalling useless applications. Next, we leave the Ccleaner license key to open your program:

  • CBB4-FJN4-EPC6-G5P6-QT4C.


Thanks to the refined search and filtering algorithmic formulas, Ccleaner will find unnecessary files for the programs, the operating system and the user on the disk, proceeding in a very intuitive way to eliminate everything that is left over, speeding up the work of the hard disk. The same happens with entries in system registers. At the same time, this great patented cleaner makes a backup copy of the junk keys prior to their deletion.

Likewise, in order to guarantee the privacy of the user, it works anonymously when browsing the network, eliminating cookies and entering the history. Additionally, its service modules offer a plus to the user, allowing the following functions:

  • List of scheduled events.
  • Automatic loading from Windows applications.
  • Recovery tasks for deleted files, as well as searching for duplicates and saving space.
  • It is automatically scheduled for cleaning.


Setting up Ccleaner enables a convenient automatic cleaning feature on the computer after it is turned on, as well as the deep scan option. Although, the user himself has the freedom to add or exclude directories and files from the search; all this and much more is obtained by activating the Ccleaner license key.

Extended version

In this sense, compared to the simplified versions of the program, CCleaner Professional Plus has the following characteristics:

  • Automatic update and premium technical support 24 hours a day.
  • Advanced data recovery system.
  • Automatic cleaning of cookies and browser history.
  • Simple task manager.

Program benefits

At this point, the assessment that Ccleaner has as the best PC cleaning program must be reiterated; not to mention its simplicity of use and high performance. A program that can even be handled by anyone, no matter how inexperienced they may be, since all the cleaning work is done by the tool, and without altering their usual work rhythm. It also reports the following benefits:

  • Various versions available admissible with different operating systems.
  • Abundant functions and capabilities for cleaning, monitoring, deleting programs, recovering early save settings.
  • Ability to track changes to the operating system, empty disk clusters, etc.
  • Constantly updates of your program.
  • Wide variety of instructions that illustrate its use and application of your program. Available on the official Cleaner website .
  • It has a secret function, it is capable of erasing a disk with summary information making its future restoration impossible.

How to use the Ccleaner license key?

For its part, this tool was designed in such a unique and special way that anyone can manipulate it; however, it never hurts to delve into the indications to use the Ccleaner license key in some specific tasks:

  • To strike temporary files in the system, in the initial tab mark the sections on the sites and types of records to search:
  1. In the applications section , select the boxes, history, records, among other garbage after which, the programs should be cleaned.
  2. Then click on analysis , in addition to estimating the amount of free space, and then click on clean .
  • To resolve issues in the system registry, the user must:
  1. Go to the log box and then run troubleshoot .
  2. Then click on correct selected , and then click on save on the PC support keys to delete , but pointing to the new address to place it.
  3. The next thing is to click on correct selected .
  4. It is possible to manually exclude certain records during cleanup after completing the previous step.
  5. Then in service are other tools, with these you can optimize the startup, uninstall programs, eradicate repeated files, restore or delete data permanently.

Clean with Ccleaner

As has been well mentioned, with the Ccleaner license key you can carry out deep cleaning of the operating system autonomously; where the only action of the user is to set the time required for the erase and ignore. In said granted period, you will clean files with sterile data on your personal PC or smart mobile.

As Ccleaner does its cleaning work automatically, it increases the software startup time, consequently, you will enjoy equipment with a higher performance and more efficient. With such a program, the chances of new infections are reduced; which in the end results in the useful life of the disk.

For its part, the defragmentation feature or task is extremely useful as well as fast. The important thing in any case, which should be highlighted, is that whenever your software is used to defragment, the working speed is maintained; as your computerized program actions experience useful performance on your computer.

With the Ccleaner license key it will be possible, among other things, to defragment data files separately, which results in greater accessibility for a person to the defragmented registry.

Ccleaner Professional 5.x, activation 5.64 to pro version

One of the most popular and popular versions today is Ccleaner professional, conceived in the user community as the best cleaning tool for personal computers. But also, during the time of Ccleaner’s performance, this product has earned the trust of people who have entrusted their equipment to this program.

There is no doubt that it is one of the best assistants for optimizing computer equipment available on the market today. The impulse of its tenure, among other aspects, is due to the simplicity of its user interface, even the most inexperienced of users will be able to solve their problems in a few seconds.

While the more advanced will be able to take advantage of an expanded range of functions. That said, let’s see the simple process to activate the Ccleaner license key:

  • Disconnect the internet.
  • Run the program.
  • Then put the username, the registered name followed by the access key.
  • Then connect to the internet again.
  • Finally, the Ccleaner program is ready to download for free in Russian:

PC speed

Assuming the computer is running very slow, it is Ccleaner’s job to rescue the computer from dirt; This scenario is totally normal, since prolonged use of the PC leads to the accumulation of numerous useless files, which simply limit the memory capacity, in addition to greatly slowing down the computer. In which case, the solution lies in this powerful tool, who will act very easily.

Safe use of the internet

Currently, the internet has become an intangible and integral living member of the daily life of the human being, a mechanism that grants power, since it is empowered by enormous amounts of data. That is why some hackers access and steal user information on the web. In this case, the professional Ccleaner program provides help in terms of protecting personal information, by automatically deleting all history and data.

Keys for ccleaner professional 2018 fresh plus series

As is perfectly understandable, the pleasure of enjoying the multiple and useful functions provided by the Ccleaner program is not all free. However, those who cannot afford to acquire a licensed version, resort to the Ccleaner license key available on the web, in order to access the work offered by this program, but with the limitations of the free one.

How the Ccleaner Pro license key works

To date, it is possible to obtain various options or distribution kit for the pool cleaner on the market, related to current performance. The most popular reviews include the free, commercial and professional version; in all these their differences are notorious. One example of this is the built-in update module, which the old version does not have.

Currently, Ccleaner’s repackaging collection has embedded code to activate the Pro version, as well as allowing the user to install a selection of portable or commercial versions. For its part, the archive of free versions has many features or functions that captivate users, although they cannot access the tasks of the Pro.


In this same vein, it is worth highlighting the Carambis cleaner, which contributes to a significant improvement in the speed of the computers, in addition to repairing system errors, cleaning excess registry entries when uninstalling programs, eliminating duplicate files and large temporary files in disuse.

The performance of the equipment after the first restart of the computer is noticeable, as it is like new, it is very simple to use, ideal for expert users or novices in the computer field, the Carambis Cleaner program is fast, very convenient and highly functional, is able to return the pleasure of working in a safe and reliable team.

Additional Information

Certainly, many users pay attention to the behavior of the speed of a newly installed operating system, and its comparison of the same after 1 month, 6 months or 1 year. Where the computer begins to take more time to start up, to run programs, or applications freeze, games slowed down, and work with the computer becomes heavier.

Such a problem may be familiar to those users without exception; Many people, in fact, tend to solve it by reinstalling or restarting the operating system, thereby losing important files, which is not only annoying, but also requires some knowledge and time.

An alternative solution can be Carambis Cleaner, admissible by any Windows operating system, where it will detect many unused files; in which case Cleaner is very useful, as it was created to correct this defect. Its program scans the system detecting unused files, duplicate images and music, program files, which occupy valuable space on the hard drive.

Locates and corrects registry entries that remain on the computer after uninstalling programs, reports of errors from the system itself, huge transient files. In other words, it deletes all these files, which, in addition to freeing up necessary space on your hard drive, also considerably increases the speed and stability of the system.

Program properties

As part of the benefits of using Ccelaner, the following can be named, which at the same time become part of its properties:

  • Comprehensively increases system performance.
  • Delete obsolete and unused system files.
  • Eliminate temporary files and error reports.
  • Eliminate duplicate files.
  • Remove previously installed programs.
  • Clean the registry of erroneous, obsolete and unused entries.
  • Manually select files to delete from the list located by the program.
  • It makes it easy to delete certain files without the possibility of restoring them.

Treatment procedure

The Carambis Cleaner is a very effective cleaner, it is based on an advanced scan, by the action of algorithms and intelligent technologies, capable of detecting and eliminating obsolete, irrelevant and disused records, broken and invalid keys, all kinds of electronic waste, Remote application waste, duplicate files and objects that are very large, but are used and take up disk space. The installation process leads to the following guidelines:

  • Install the program, let it run to start the automatic scan, and then click on cancel followed by activating .
  • Then put the key.txt text file data : 72GGP-XPX2B-RT3XD-BC959 , pressing lock, followed by restarting the program .

Carambis Cleaner is a very useful application as well as necessary, designed to optimize and increase the speed properties of Windows operating systems, through its action of cleaning junk and unnecessary files for the system.

This is necessary, because it is well known that the fact of operating a computer, downloading and deleting files, and even if it is an innocent visit to web resources, as time passes inevitably leads to overcrowding the computers, and consequently, performance, Software startup and responsiveness are greatly reduced, or still, make normal and productive work impossible. And Carambis Cleaner solves such problems.

Key to Ccleaner

In this sense, it is advisable to warn the user that the best thing to do is to go to technical support, because given the demand for a Ccleaner license key, it is most likely that they will not get a free key, since surely said key has already been notified to the base Ccleaner support data. However, the following is the procedure for its activation:

General procedure and rules for activating the key

The steps are very basic and simple, as will be seen in the following guidelines.

  • Start Ccleaner.
  • Disconnect the internet; eventually the antivirus must be disabled as well.
  • Then open the configuration tab , as well as select the element to activate the password in name and password , having to enter the proposed data, followed by clicking on register .
  • Then turn on the internet.
  • Ready, you can place the data in the name and password sections and experiment in the program.

With that said, below is some data related to registered users,, Possibly, many of these Ccleaner license keys may be applicable and adequate, it is suggested in any case, to try minimum with all these available key / username combinations:

  • C2YW-JKW5-KK79-XHR2-4ZPC.
  • CBB4-FJN4-EPC6-G5P6-QT4C.

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