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Are the left and right Twix really different?

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You’ve seen them: those Twix commercials with competing left and right Twix factories. The famous candy is a cult favorite because he feels like a two-for-one deal with his double bars, but are those two sides really any different?

While the commercials may confuse you, the left and right Twix are no different.

But if you thought they were, you’re probably not alone. According to Cook’s Illustrated, the brand itself seems to have started all the fuss over the twin cookie differences (brilliant marketing move, we might add). Ten years ago, Mars started an advertising campaign asking consumers which bar they thought was better, the left or the right. Basically, it was hinting that caramel and chocolate covered cookies weren’t the same thing.

Then, in 2017, the brand offered two packages of Twix Left and Twix Right. Customers could then choose whether they wanted a fully correct Twix or a fully left Twix. They were the flats or drums of the candy world! In fact, to make this day, you can still go to the Twix website and choose which side you prefer.

While no, chocolate bars are no different from one another, if you’ve ever thought about it, don’t feel bad. Honestly, they cheated on you a bit. But hey, Twix is ​​still giving you a two-for-one candy bar, so consumers are still the winners here.

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