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Clear Facebook or Messenger App Cache – iPhone/Android

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Your quick response:

  1. To clear the cache of both the Facebook app and Messenger, you can do it from your phone’s settings or by directly clearing the data in the Facebook app itself.
  2. On your phone, to clear Messenger data or cache, you need to go to settings and in the list of apps choose either Messenger or Facebook, whichever you want to clear cache.
  3. For iPhone, just tap on the “Download App” option and for Android, just tap on the Clear Cache option and this will clear all the cache data of the mobile.
  4. Although, in the Facebook app, you have some steps, that is, go to the Settings section and then in the browser option tap on Clear browsing data, and in this way you can clear the data directly from the Facebook app.

In this article, you will get the steps to make these adjustments.

Why should you clear your Facebook cache?

There are several reasons to clear the Facebook app cache:

  1. If your phone becomes slow, please find the Facebook app data storage. If it’s huge, free up space by clearing the cache.
  2. If the FB app has stopped loading some images on Facebook and crashes too much, it could be due to cache files.
  3. Clearing the Facebook app cache helps the app work better. All problems created in this app due to cache will be fixed.

Here are some of those issues that you may have solved by clearing cache files.

This is done directly from the Facebook app, so you can do this method on Android and iOS devices.

Phase 1: Open the app: Open your Facebook app and sign in with your email ID or phone number and password.

Phase 2: Three line icon: Tap the three line menu icon located in the lower right corner of your iPhone.

Phase 3: Settings and privacy: By touching the ‘three lines’ icon, you can see that there is the “Settings and privacy“section. Open this section.

Step 4: Settings: In the “Settings and privacy” section at the top there is a section called “Settings“. Open it.

settings on iOS

Step 5: Browser: scroll down and you can see there is a section called “Browser” and tao about the “Browser“. Open this subsection.

wipe data on iOS

Step 6: Press Delete – you will see the option ‘Navigation data > Your navigation data‘top option. Below this, there is a “Of coursebutton”. Now press it to clear the cache of the app.

wipe data on iOS

2. Clear Facebook cache files on iPhone or iPad

The best way to clear cache Facebook for iOS It consists of deleting the Facebook application and then reinstalling it.

Follow the steps to clear cache without deleting Facebook Messenger app on iPhone:

Step 1: First, go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage on your iPhone or iPad.

iCloud storage and usage iphone 13 pro max

Step 2: Now switch to Manage storage under TOP. Select the Messenger app and tap on it.

Facebook messaging app

Step 3: Now tap on Download app/Delete app for the app.

  • Discharge: I would clear the cache.
  • Erase: I would delete the app and you will have to reinstall it.
Tap Clear App Data

Note: Before deleting the app, find the “Documents and Data” storage space shown in MB. If this application consumes a lot of space, it will only be useful for you to delete it. To use the app, please install it again.

3. How to Clear Facebook Cache Files on Android

Now, follow these simple steps given below:

Step 1Note: At first, go to “settings” option and tap on it.

go to yours

Step 2: Then go to “Application Manager” option and tap on it.

application manager

Step 3: Then find the “Facebook” app and tap on it.


Step 4: Then here you will see the “Clear Cache” button. Then play it.

'Android flush cache' button

After clicking that button, all Facebook cache files will be deleted in seconds and you will be greeted as a cache-less Facebook app.


After clearing the cached files, it will start consuming the cache again when you start using it again. Therefore, it is recommended to clear cache files when you want to slow down your smartphone. If you want to clear the cache for other apps (eg. FacebookMessenger), then choose the app from the list and follow the same method.

Frequent questions:

1. What happens if you clear the cache in Messenger?

If you clear the cache in messenger, no changes will be made. Everything will be the same. Even now, you won’t be logged out and if your account is open in Messenger, you can see the same thing you saw before. The biggest drawback of Temporary Internet Cache is that sometimes the files in the cache get corrupted and can cause problems with your app. So it’s a good idea to clear your temporary internet cache every couple of weeks, regardless of how much space it takes up. Clearing cache will not change any of the messages, stickers, emojis. Clearing the cache will not delete any photos from your Messenger account. What happens is that the data files that are temporarily stored in your device memory will only be deleted once the cache is cleared.

2. How to delete Messenger messages?

To delete Messenger messages, you must first open your account and then go to the individual conversations with the messages you want to delete. You can delete messages manually. For this, long press on your message, tap “Delete” next to the message. Then select “Delete for everyone” to delete the message for both of you and to delete your message, long press on the message and select “More” and then press “Delete”. To delete the entire conversation, open the chat and press the “i” button on the top right corner, then your Messenger profile will open. Next, click on the three dots in the top right corner. There is a “Delete Conversation” option. Tap it and then tap “Delete.”

3. Will deleting the data in Messenger delete the messages?

However, your private messages will be removed from your account. If you clear the Messenger app data from your settings, you will be signed out. But all normal your messages will remain the same as before. Messenger syncs messages and contacts with the Facebook server. So even if you delete the settings data or uninstall the app, your messages or contacts will not be deleted. You can log back into your account with your credentials and view the chats in your account again.

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