colorado tears

People all over the world are excited about electric vehicles, especially with all the exciting new electric trucks that are here or on the way. And while models like Rivian’s R1T pickup are adventure vehicles, range remains a concern when it comes to enjoying the great outdoors with an electric vehicle.

Electric vehicles have more than enough power and torque to tow a trailer, but range is significantly reduced. What if your caravan could be the power source for your vehicle? That is exactly what the popular Colorado Teardrops brand has advertised.

Colorado Teardrops’ new “Boulder model” concept is an EV-specific overland trailer with its own huge battery pack that you can use to charge your EV during outdoor adventures.

The Boulder is designed to increase an EV’s towing range, making camping an option for those with electric vehicles. The company plans to offer several of its teardrop trailers in an EV option, with battery sizes ranging from 75 kWh with the Boulder or up to 200 kWh on larger models.

According to Colorado Teardrops, the system now has level 2 charging speeds, but will eventually be capable of level 3 fast charging from the trailer to your EV. Fast charging will offer up to 100 miles of range in just 10 minutes.

For example, the base F-150 Lightning EV has a 98 kWh battery and Rivian’s R1T starts with a 135 kWh battery pack. Towing a trailer with an additional 75+ capacity will greatly increase range and eliminate range anxiety while fueling the trailer simultaneously.

The Boulder trailer sleeps four and has room for a queen-size bed, a bunk on top, has all sorts of amenities in the rear, and features a fixed hardtop. Considering these types of trailers are already relatively expensive, we weren’t surprised to see them available sometime in 2023 for nearly $55,000.

Those interested can reserve one today on the company’s website.

via Inside EV