Before we dive into everything this capable SUV has to offer, you’re probably wondering when you can get one. Well, initially, it had a mid-2021 arrival date shortly after the electric truck, but both were delayed due to supply constraints and other issues.

And while Rivian did give out some R1S vehicles to pre-order holders in December and earlier this year, they were just special Launch Edition vehicles.

In June 2022, Rivian sent letters to reservation holders informing them that it would be delaying the first deliveries of its long-awaited R1S electric SUV. Again. And while the automaker is busy ramping up production, those letters indicated that reservation holders could expect delivery around August or later.

Additionally, some buyers have been told that it may not arrive until October or December, depending on model, color and trim.

Technically, the Rivian R1S is available right now and has already been released. However, most reservation holders have not received theirs due to delays and supply issues. And to make matters worse, if you order one today, it likely won’t arrive until sometime in 2023.

Price and availability


Unsurprisingly, this is an all-new electric vehicle with a high-end design, so it doesn’t come cheap. Initially, the fully loaded Launch Edition was only $75,500, but in May, Rivian increased prices, plus the Launch Edition was for early adopters only and quickly sold out.

The R1S currently costs $72,500 for the base Explorer package, while the upgraded Adventure package starts at $78,500.