Get a 45W dual-port USB-C charger for just $28 right now

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Now that it’s all USB Type-C, you may be short of wall adapters, and the ones that can charge multiple devices at once are especially useful. Fortunately, a great option from UGREEN is now on sale for $27.99, a $12 discount off the regular price.

The UGREEN Nexode Mini is a compact USB wall adapter with two USB Type-C ports, so you can connect two phones, a phone and a tablet, or any other combination of devices. It can provide up to 45W of power if you only have one device connected, which is more than enough to fast charge most phones and tablets and charge an ultrabook. If you have two devices connected, the top port will provide 25W and the bottom port will have a maximum of 20W.

This charger won an Editors Choice award from our sister site ReviewGeek, thanks to its compact design, foldable tips and wide device compatibility. However, the review noted that there is no USB Type-C cable included in the box. You’ll need to pick up some separate USB Type-C cables if you don’t have spares. A USB Type-C-to-Lightning cable is required for fast charging on iPhones; one is usually included in the box with each iPhone, but you can also buy more if you need them.