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If you’ve never had Amazon Music Unlimited, now is the time to give it a try. Amazon is offering Prime members a four-month free trial of the streaming music service, one month longer than the trial for non-Prime members. If you sign up today, you could be rocking out for free until the end of January 2023.

The promotion comes just days before Amazon launches the second Prime Day of 2022. The “Prime Early Access Sale” will run on October 11 and 12 and will feature hundreds of thousands of sales exclusively for Amazon Prime members. The Amazon Music Unlimited four-month trial offer for Prime members ends on the same day as the Prime Early Access offer: October 12.

Non-Prime members can get a three-month free trial during the promotion. If you’ve never had Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited, now may be the perfect time to try them for free and take advantage of mega deals coming in mid-October.

After the free trial period, Amazon Music Unlimited costs $9.99 per month for non-Prime members and $8.99 per month for Prime members.