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How to apply the blush according to the face cut

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Learn how to take advantage of the blush and it will become your best weapon to be beautiful while still being natural

The blush,  blush, or blush is an essential staple of our makeup bag because with little effort it provides us with that touch of sweetness and femininity that can favor our face so much. That, as long as we apply it correctly, of course. Because just as blush can enhance the healthiest of our faces, it can also make it look sick or heavy.

For example, if we choose a blush tone that is too dark for our skin color, it will harden our faces. Or if we apply it excessively and without form to the entire side of the face, it will greatly overload our makeup. Have you ever thought that the blush marked on the apples of the cheeks does not suit all of us? Learn how to take advantage of the blush and it will become your best weapon to be beautiful while still being natural.

Where is the blush applied?

We cannot say that there is a unique technique to apply the blush, because it will always depend on the face cut of each woman. Even within the face cuts, each one will have to find the application that best favors the face, compensating for natural angles and volumes.

Of course, we must be clear at what point the blush is applied. A classic mistake is to put a bream face to apply the blush on the resulting fold (as in the image above). But that is actually the place of the contour, as it is a naturally sinking area. That is why we can determine that the blush should go just above the contour and below the illuminator , exactly matching the bone structure of the cheekbone.

How to apply the blush according to the face cut?

Never copy to another woman the way to apply the blush, no matter how successful youtuber is. On the contrary, look carefully at the face cut you have and how the  blush could favor you more:

  • Elongated face : to compensate for the verticality of the face, the blush should be applied horizontally, from the cheek to the ear.
  • Rounded face : the blush will stylize this type of face if we apply it in increasing diagonal, following a drawing of “C” or crescent. To do this, we will start from the cheek towards the temple.
  • Square face : we can compensate the marked angles of this type of face with a blush centered on the apples of the cheeks, which softens the expression.
  • Oval face : the way to apply the blush in this case will be similar to that of the round face, but less accentuating the inclination of the crescent. The drawing, therefore, would be somewhere between the round and the elongated face.

Likewise, it is not convenient to pass the apple from the cheek to the nose with the blush since it does not favor and will make us look like a clown.

Blush types: color and format

Although the most common presentation of the blush is in compact powder format, today many brands market their cream version. You can choose the most comfortable one that makes you feel, but in general keep in mind that a cream or liquid makeup is more ideal for dry skin, while it can cause a texture that is too oily for combination or oily skin.

As for the blush tones , you must find the one that best suits your skin tone:

  • Very white skin: peachy blushes
  • White/medium skin: pink blushes.
  • Medium skin: pink and orange blushes with golden undertones
  • Medium / dark skin: pink with brown undertones or fuchsias.
  • Dark skin: golden browns, oranges and dark pinks.

Blush brushes

The ideal brushes to apply the blush to the face are those with a beveled cut or a rounded tip with small beveled edges since they allow drawing with greater precision in the desired line. Likewise, those who apply concentrated blush to apples often use a flat-cut kabuki brush that adapts very well to this surface of the face.

These brushes are usually medium in size (one that is too big would make us exceed the application of the blush) and with natural and thick hair, since most of the blushes are powdered.

For the correct application of the product, you must press the blusher with the brush with light touches and then discharge the excess product with the tip upwards so that the powder spreads well on the hair. It is always better to give two applications than to go overboard with the amount of product and look like a clown. Correcting excess blush is quite difficult and cumbersome.

Then draw a stroke with the tip of the brush and go over it in circles to make it fade .

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