How to Choose Window Frame Colors That Compliment Your Living Space

How to Choose Window Frame Colors That Compliment Your Living Space

Choosing the color of the frame is the last decision you need to make after you’ve selected our new windows for a home makeover.

For many years, white has been the standard choice for windows. And it’s not difficult to understand why this is so. It’s a neutral color that works for both the interior and the exterior.

Yet, there are so many other window frame colors It’s hard to go wrong with shades of gray, black, or brown. And in certain circumstances, brighter colors are the best option. Read on for our full breakdown on picking the best color for window frames that are unique to you.

Use Window Frame Colors to Enhance

For the most part, you want to highlight good windows and conceal bad ones.

Painting the window frame and trim white or a color that blends in with the rest of the house’s color scheme is a good way to hide old or otherwise unappealing windows.

You should, however, consider picking a frame color for your new Milgard windows that will make them stand out, particularly if your house has a distinctive architectural design.

Harmonize With Your Decor

For a more traditional look, choose a contrasting color for the window trim instead of the house’s primary hue. As an illustration of how to inject color into a classic scheme, consider mixing Milgard’s Essence Series color Cinnamon with your home’s medium taupe hue.

Window trim colors that mix nicely with the surrounding wall color should be chosen by fans of modern and contemporary styles. You may get a sleek, modern effect by mixing Milgard’s Premium Exterior Vinyl in Silver with a gray house color that is either slightly dimmer or lighter than the silver.

Be Careful When Using Vibrant Colors

Keep in mind that it’s quite straightforward and inexpensive to change paint colors compared to windows, which are a considerably more substantial expenditure.

Changing paint colors, as a result, we usually suggest that people go with a neutral shade for their window frames. Afterward, you may go loose with your paint colors if you’re a fan of bright, eye-catching hues. Of course, we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to defy our own design rules.

Doing things a bit differently than everyone else has merit, especially when the unexpected results. Make your beautiful double hung windows stand out by painting them in a brighter shade.

In this case, we recommend keeping the rest of the color palette neutral or in a comparable shade to that of the frame. Using Milgard’s Essence Series hue Pea Pod, for example, with a medium-to-dark gray or dark green home would look stunning and sophisticated.

Look at the “New” Neutrals

Until a few years ago, tan and beige were the go-to neutrals, but cooler colors, particularly cool neutrals, have taken their place.

Gray has been hailed as the new neutral, but black and navy are also excellent options. Think about Evening Sky, Fog, or even Twilight or Black Bean in Milgard’s Essence Series.

You can also go for a Light Gray, Bronze, or Silver would look great with any home hue and tone.

Consider Your Climate and Environment

For homes near freeways or busy construction sites, grays and taupes in mid-tones (i.e. not too bright; not too dark) are the greatest choices for hiding dust and smog. The dirtiest surfaces are those that are white or light in color, as well as black or dark in color.

Milgard’s Fog or Harmony in the Essence Series or Tan, Silver, or Light Grey are the greatest options for hiding dirt and grime. When it comes to window frames, if you reside in a hot and sunny area, you may want to consider utilizing lighter hues.

When it comes to absorbing heat or fading, white and light tones are less susceptible.

Always Work Within a Palette

Choosing just one of two warm or cool color schemes is a simple solution for individuals who are easily daunted by the plethora of options available for their home’s interior design.

The Essence Series’ Natural Crème, Rattan, Tweed, Cinnamon, Classic Brown, and Bark, as well as Premium Vinyl’s Tan, Espresso, Chocolate, and Taupe, would all work well with a warm color scheme. The Essence Series’ Fog, Pebble, Pea Pod, Fern, and Evening Sky, as well as Silver or Light Grey from the Premium Vinyl range, would be the ideal window frame colors for a cold color palette.

Warmer color schemes evoke a sense of tradition, whilst cooler ones conjure up images of modernity. The neutral tones of white and black window frames go nicely with a wide variety of aesthetics.

Get a Designer on Your Side

As a last resort, we recommend going through design publications or online (Pinterest is a fantastic place to begin) to locate samples of colors you like.

The best way to get guidance with color and design decisions is to ask a friend or family member with an excellent eye for color and design. When it comes to employing a design expert, don’t rule out the possibility of paying a modest set cost.

Discovering the Right Colors for Window Frames

Listen, choosing the right color for your window frames matters. You don’t want to have the beauty of your new set of windows ruined by picking up a clashing color.

We hope that our guide on how to select the right window frame colors has shed some light on the process, and helped highlight the do’s and the don’ts. We know that it’s more of an art than a science, so don’t shy away from getting professional advice when you need it.

Next step, you’ll want to check out our home renovation and design sections for more inspiration. You’ll find many explainers and guides that will help you get the home of your dreams.