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How to clear your YouTube cache

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Clearing the YouTube cache helps fix problems with the YouTube app and website and allows you to watch your favorite videos without interruption. We’ll show you how to do it on your Android phone and desktop web browser.

Clearing the YouTube cache does not delete your personal data with the platform. The process only removes temporary files from YouTube, which it uses internally to improve your experience.

Please note that you can only clear the cache of the YouTube app on Android; the iPhone does not allow to clear the cache of the application.

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Clear YouTube cache on Android

To start the cache clearing process, open the Settings app on your Android phone. Please note that the steps below will vary slightly depending on your phone model.

In Settings, select “Apps & notifications”.

choose "Apps and notifications" in Settings.

On the “Apps & notifications” screen, select “YouTube”.

Advice: If you don’t see “YouTube” in the app list, tap “See all X apps” (where “X” is the number of installed apps) to find the app.

touch "Youtube" on the list.

On the YouTube app page, tap “Storage & Cache.”

Choose "Storage and cache".

Select the “Clear Cache” option.

Choose "clear cache".

Without any notice, your phone will delete the cache of the YouTube app. Now you can restart YouTube on your phone and watch your videos. Enjoy!

To resolve cache-related issues with the YouTube desktop site, you can clear the cache for all sites in your web browser. You need to do this for all sites because browsers don’t allow you to clear site-specific caches.

See our guide for your specific web browser to learn how to clear the cache:

Once you’ve cleared the cache, restart Chrome, Firefox, Edge or whatever browser you’re using and open YouTube. Any cache related issues are now fixed.

And that’s how you get rid of the troublesome YouTube cache and enjoy uninterrupted access to your favorites. cat videos!

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