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How to make a heart on a keyboard

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You can make a heart using the emoji keyboard on Windows and Mac. For Windows, press “Windows +”. to access the keyboard. For Mac, press “Command + Control + Space” to access the emoji keyboard. You can also use the Alt + 3 keyboard shortcut in Windows if you have a numeric keypad.

As language and communication have evolved, emoji have become a part of our daily conversations. One of the most used emoji is the heart. Do you want to insert a heart emoji on Windows or Mac using only your keyboard? We’ll show you how.

Type a heart in Windows using the Emoji keyboard

The fastest way to insert a heart in Windows is to type a keyboard shortcut on your number pad. The result is a small black heart. You can learn how to use the shortcut below.

If your laptop doesn’t have a number pad or you want to use a different colored heart, you can use the emoji keyboard in Windows 10 or Windows 11.

Open your document or web page and place your cursor where you would like to type a heart. Then press “Windows +” to quickly display the emoji keyboard.

Note: Don’t forget the dot (.) in the shortcut above.

Type “heart” in the search box to display different heart emoji.

Or you can click the emoji icon in the header menu.

Next, click on the Symbols icon, which is a heart.

A large selection of hearts will appear. Click on the heart you want to enter.

Select a heart.

The heart is now inserted into your document or web page.

Use an Alt code to write a heart in Windows

There is a keyboard shortcut in Windows to quickly enter a heart emoji, but your keyboard must have the numeric keypad as it is needed to enter alternate codes. The numeric keypad is the small group of numbers to the right of your keyboard. You can not use the numbers at the top of your keyboard for this shortcut.

If you qualify to take advantage of this keyboard shortcut, place your cursor where you would like to insert a heart in your document or web page and press the “Alt + 3” keys. A small black heart (♥) will appear.

Use an Alt code and the on-screen keyboard to type a heart in Windows

If your physical Windows keyboard doesn’t have a number pad, you can use the on-screen keyboard. However, the on-screen keyboard doesn’t display the number pad by default, so you’ll need to enable it.

Press “Windows + Ctrl + O” to open the on-screen keyboard, and then click “Options.”

The Options window will appear. Click the box next to “Enable Numeric Keypad” to enable the feature, and then click “OK.”

Enable the numeric keypad.

The on-screen keyboard now has a number pad. To insert the heart, click “Alt” then “3” on the on-screen keyboard to insert a small black heart into your document or web page.

Write a heart on Mac

There’s no keyboard shortcut to type a heart on a Mac, but you can use the emoji keyboard to enter one.

Open your document or webpage, place your cursor where you’d like to type a heart, and then press “Command + Control + Space” to quickly bring up the emoji keyboard.

At the bottom of the emoji keyboard, click the Symbols icon, which is the icon located between the Light Bulb and Flag icons.

Alternatively, you can type “heart” in the search box.

You will find several different colors of hearts to choose from. The hearts will appear in different orders depending on whether you searched for “heart” or clicked on the Symbols icon. Click on the heart you prefer.

Hearts on emoji keyboard for Mac.

The heart is now inserted into your document or web page.

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How to write a white heart

Context matters and that goes for the use of emoji as well. In cases where someone has passed away, it is appropriate to send a white heart to show emotional support. The white heart is also sometimes used to show pure love or a close bond.

If you’re using Windows and have a numeric keypad, you can press “Alt + 9825” to insert a white heart.

If you’re using a Mac, or if your Windows keyboard doesn’t have the number pad, you can open the emoji keyboard and search for “white heart.”

As with words, it’s always important to know what an emoji really means before you send it. Be careful what you send and always be considerate.

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