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How to Manage Your Home With Your Huawei Phone

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You should always have different means of managing your home. Using the technology that you have right now can definitely benefit your family by taking care of them through your smart device like a Huawei phone. Downloading a MAF Carrefour app is a good way to start. Listed below are more ways how to manage your home using your Huawei phone. 

Ways to Manage Your Home Through Your Huawei Phone

Order home needs from e-commerce sites

One way to manage your home using your Huawei device is by ordering online. With the technology that is used today, a lot of e-commerce sites are available. The competition lies in the shops that can provide the best deals and offer smooth transactions from selection to purchase. A store that you may want to try is the MAF Carrefour Online Shopping. This e-commerce site offers a lot of products- from fruits and vegetables to personal and baby care. It also provides sales, discounts, and rewards to customers. To get the mobile experience of this store, you can do a MAF Carrefour app download using your device. 

Sync calendars of your whole family 

Another way to manage your home through your mobile phone is by syncing the calendars of your whole family. By doing this, you will know the schedules of each one of you. You can adjust and realign some personal tasks so that you can all spend time with one another and build essential relationships. To do this, you can sync your family’s Google calendar using your Huawei phone. You need to have everyone sign up or create a Gmail account so that you can link everyone to a particular calendar. Once you add them to a calendar, they can input their individual schedules so that everyone will see and adapt to each other’s timelines. 

Install security cameras with mobile live viewing

To make sure that your whole house is safe, you can install security cameras around and in your home. You can have one on the front door a couple in the living room and dining room, one in the kitchen, and one in the hall. With mobile live viewing, your security cameras allow your phone to access and connect to each one of them. Some cameras are even equipped with two-way audio hardware so that you can talk to someone in your home for easy communication. 

Control the lights in your home

Home keepers who want to save energy and expenses on electrical utilities may want to use bulbs that can be controlled using a mobile app. These apps are connected to your mobile device for trouble-free control. These kinds of bulbs have a few features that normal bulbs do not have. These bulbs have different colors which can be selected using the device. The brightness of the bulbs can also be adjusted. And lastly, these bulbs can be switched off remotely. This feature presents convenience and efficiency at the same time. You do not have to go from room to room to make sure that all the lights are turned off during the night. 



Your Huawei phone is such a powerful device. Using your phone to manage your home is such a simple concept and yet it is true in this generation today. A MAF Carrefour app download Huawei can help you get the things that you want for your home without ever leaving your couch. Using the calendar can encourage your family to be in sync with their schedules so that they can still connect with one another. Maximizing technology to connect people and build relationships translates to the useful application of innovation. 

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