How To Sell and post Things On craigslist Portland Successfully

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Selling things on Craigslist for craigslist Portland is both easy and free. You can sell anything you don’t want and it’s a lot easier than ebay since you get to skip the whole shipping process. However, there are ways to improve your chances of selling a particular item with potential purchases. Here are some tips.

Instructions for How To Sell Things On craigslist Portland Successfully

1 First, be sure to add a picture. A picture is worth a thousand words and your customers would love to see what they are buying. Most people who want to buy something from Craigslist won’t even look at an ad if it doesn’t contain an image. The fewer people you have viewing your ad, the less likely you are to sell that ad. Make sure you have multiple images from all angles so that your item is displayed clearly.

Write a good description

2 Then add aa description to details! carefully explain every wonderful detail your item has to offer. This item’s price offer descriptions, it’s condition, and any other potential information your buyer will want to know.

Sell ​​your item at a reasonable price

3 Sell ​​your item at a reasonable price! Go to sites like Amazon, eBay, and other listings on craigslist and see how much people are selling that particular item for. From there, you can choose a reasonable price range to sell your product. If you want to sell quickly, you would naturally sell for the lower price. If you are not worried about selling something quickly, naturally you are defining more.

Be very specific when declaring your location for craigslist Portland

4 Be very specific when declaring your location. People don’t want to travel far to get a particular item from Craigslist. Hence why there is a more local approach than ebay. If you live in a big city, try to place a landmark that is around you. This will help you get rid of people who live entirely too far away!

keep your email private

5 Craigslist offers an option to keep your email private, use it! That way, when people respond to your email, they’ll be using the email Craigslist gives them. It will be sent to your personal email, but the potential buyer won’t know unless you reply back. Only respond back if you regard them as your buyer!

Beware of scams

6 Beware of scams. Craigslist is known for its potential to rip you off! Ignore the people who ask you for your personal checking account number or bank number because they want to “wire” the money. Only accept cash or certified checks! Ignore the people who ask you to ship them things, then they will send you the money. Also, meet with a buyer in a public place so they don’t know where you live.

How to Post Articles on craigslist Portland

While dedicated product sellers are turning to eBay to auction their goods online, Craigslist provides a great outlet for those looking to sell or donate items that cannot be shipped. By posting a classified ad on the Craigslist page for the city where you live, you can reach out to area residents who might be interested in purchasing an item or taking your hands. Craigslist assignments are customizable; you can add a product description that describes exactly how much you want to sell the item for, and the terms of sale. So if you’ve been staring at an old dresser for far too long, or have auto parts that you want to get rid of, a Craigslist CLASSIFIED listing is free,

Instructions for craigslist Portland

1 Go to the Craigslist home page and click on the city in which you want to sell your item.

2 Click “Post an ad.”

3 Click the circle next to “For Sale” under “What type of display is this?” then click on “Continue”.

4 Click on a category to classify your article. The options range from auto parts to jewelry.

5 Click “Continue”.

6 Type a title for your comment under “Title View.” Use catchy language here; this topic is what appears when users search for products to buy.

7 Type in a price you want to sell the item for for the “Price” heading. Enter a city and state in the “specific location” box if the item you are selling needs to be picked up from a location such as your home.

8 Type your email address once in each box under the “Reply” heading. Click the circle next to “Anonymize” if you want to mask your real email address with a generic Craigslist email address. Replies will still go to the email address you type in, but that address will not appear in the display.

9 Type a short description of the item you are selling in the “Display Description” box. Keep this short, soft and heavy description on the selling points of your item. If the item is like new, mention it. other unique attributes of the item you are selling.

10. Click “Add / Edit Images” to upload a photo of the item to your display. An image is not required, but is encouraged for used items; others are more likely to purchase an item that they can visually verify is in the condition you say it is. Click “Browse” to find an image on your hard drive and double-click it to upload it to your ad

11 Click “Continue” when you are finished on this page. Notice that your ad details are correct, then click “Continue” again.

12 Log into your email client and click the link in the Craigslist email sends to confirm your posting ad and post it on Craigslist.

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