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How to send Amazon gift card balance

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Your quick response:

  1. You can send an Amazon gift card on any occasion you like.
  2. Simply change the design and appearance of a card where the code remains the same.

In this article, you will learn all the different techniques offered to send someone a gift card online instantly.

You will find all these techniques that Amazon normally offers and also add other unique techniques that you can use to share the gift card with another person.

However, there are a few steps to get the gift card balance into your bank account.

🏷 Advantages of the Amazon gift card:

Take full advantage of Amazon’s monthly payment option Without interest and for all

If you plan to send an Amazon gift card, there are multiple benefits of such gift cards.

Also, if you want to send it to another person, the method is completely free.

How to send an Amazon gift card:

Amazon.com normally offers you several ways to send an Amazon gift card through online methods, now let’s discuss these:

amazon.com gc 1

1. Sending an electronic gift card online:

If you’re planning to send someone an eGift card directly to their inbox or via text, Amazon definitely has this option you can choose from in the cart.

First, go to the Amazon.com gift card page.

amazon.cm page gc

Now you just have to add the amount, the shipping method and the email address to send this eCard.

Amazon gift card process

That’s all it takes to send an eGift Card to another person through Amazon.com.

Via online, you can send the gift card in two ways: e-mail or SMS. You can add any message to the gift card that you want to send and complete the payment.

🔯 When will the gift card be delivered?

The gift card will be delivered to the target person once the payment is completed, and you can check the status of the gift card on Amazon.com yourself.

The amount you can send:

You can send any minimum amount of $25 through a Electronic gift card.

If you want to check your gift card balance without redeeming it, take a look.

2. Print the Gift Card (Print-at-Home):

If you’re looking for physical delivery of an Amazon gift card, Amazon also has this offer to send a gift card to someone else by putting it together from home.

All you need to do is simply purchase an Amazon.com eGift Card and print it out after paying.

print screened card

Just follow the three simple steps to get the physical gift card in your hand:

Step 1: Simply open the “Print Gift Card at Home” page.

Step 2: Choose the quantity, design, and any messages you’d like to add to this card, then select the quantity.

Step 3: After completing your selection, go to the cashier.

Once payment is complete, you’re ready to print the gift card from your home printer.

3. Sending an electronic gift card by mail:

Sometimes it’s better to physically send an Amazon.com gift card than to send it via email online.

  • This method is useful if you are sending a very small amount of gift cards like $10.
  • You can select various types of gift card envelopes to send or send that gift card in physical format to another person.
  • Simply select the amount and add your closed delivery address and complete the payment to begin the gift card delivery process.
send gift card by mail

Video on how to buy an Amazon Gift Card for another country:


4. Sending the Amazon gift card code by WhatsApp:

If you want to send the gift card via WhatsApp, you can choose to send the eCard in image format via WhatsApp chat.

In case of a lower amount, you can also scan the printed gift card at home and send it directly to the person through the WhatsApp chat.

This is an easy and useful technique, you can see through this technique if a person has already reviewed the message.

Style and design of various Amazon.com gift cards:

If you’re sending an Amazon gift card, style and design are very important. You can choose from Amazon’s wide range of gift card styles and it’s completely free at checkout.

🏷 Occasions to send an Amazon.com gift card:

There are few times when sending an eGift card through Amazon.com is the perfect decision for its speed and ease of service.

amazon.com gc 2

Birthday gift card: More than 50 types of eGift card templates.

Thank you gift card: 27+ types of eGift Card Templates.

Easter gift card: 11+ types of eGift Card Templates.

Wedding gift card: 16+ types of eGift Card Templates.

Congratulations Gift Card: 23+ types of eGift Card Templates.

Newborn gift card: More than 20 types of eGift card templates.

And more: More than 150 types of other eGift card designs, including Valentine’s Day gift cards, Christmas gift cards, New Year’s gift cards, Father’s Day gift cards, Halloween gift cards, etc

Note: If you want to send gift cards in the mail or gift cards to print at home, these templates are also available on Amazon.com in various categories.

🔯 Can an Amazon gift card be sent to other countries?

If you want to send it with an Amazon gift card to other countries, you need to select the e-gift card function that you can use to send by email or text message, later delivery may not be possible.

Remember that an Amazon.com Gift Card can only be redeemed on the same Amazon.com platform and only for US citizens.

So if someone is looking to buy something through an Amazon gift card, they need to confirm that the package will arrive at their address.


Keep in mind that if you’re sending the Amazon gift card to someone, you need to be careful that the gift card doesn’t fall into the wrong hand. As once it has been redeemed by other people, it cannot be restored.

Therefore, always double check the email address you are sending the gift card to or other destination methods before sending.

The bottom lines:

This article explains that while planning to send someone Amazon gift card, you have three main options, choose the one that suits you best from the options.

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