LG G8s ThinQ Review | A smartphone that “has no foundation”

lg G8s Z camera

I start the review by saying that a top of the range, at this moment, is measured by the details. The LG G8s ThinQ fails in that regard. A high-quality mobile phone that continues to bring unsubstantiated technologies.

The LG G8s ThinQ is a smartphone that is coming to the market with a value of around 700 € and that promises to rival top-of-the-range devices such as the Galaxy S10, Huawei P30 Pro, OnePlus 7 Pro or even the iPhone Xs. However, LG’s equipment remains a step behind the competition to bring old and illogical technologies to the top of the range in 2019.

The strengths of the LG G8s ThinQ

LG G8s ThinQ
  • Excellent build quality
  • IQOO Z6 Unboxing & Overview
  • Quality cameras
  • Simply phenomenal screen
  • Good columns
  • Top of the range specifications
  • Water and dust resistance (IP68)
  • Fast and safe facial recognition

The weaknesses of the LG G8s ThinQ

  • Failure to use the biometric sensor on the screen (located at the back)
  • Old-fashioned and confused user interface
  • Little ergonomic smartphone
  • Power button badly located
  • Autonomy could be better

What’s failing on this smartphone

biometric recognition

You will be able to realize that the review of the equipment is mostly positive.

This LG G8s ThinQ seriously failed in the User Interface, old fashioned biometric sensor. Something I don’t consider acceptable for a flagship in 2019.

Build quality and design choices

The LG G8s ThinQ is a well-built phone. The equipment is mostly made of glass. This means that the device is elegant, however, it gets quite dirty and is more fragile than other types of material. But there it is, any other top of the range has this type of construction and in this aspect, I consider it positive.

As such, LG followed the standard of all other high-end models on the market. This quality of glass construction also gives us the opportunity to have wireless charging. Personally I am sad when a top of the range with identical construction ignores it (cof cof OnePlus 7Pro).

The smartphone is second only to its ergonomics. The equipment does not fit well for use with one hand. The phone is a little bit wide and the position of the On-Off (power) button on the upper right makes it difficult to use.

Still, apart from the flaws, in my opinion, the smartphone has an excellent build quality and can be hailed as a true top of the range.

The LG G8s ThinQ screen is one of the best I’ve seen

LG is one of the brands that the best screens give us on smartphones. This device is living proof of that. The terminal has a G-OLED screen with fantastic brightness and saturation that few can offer.

The screen’s haptic feedback is of good quality and you will have no problem writing quickly. If I recently criticized the smartphone for being less ergonomic for one-handed use, the screen is perfect for two-handed writing. Both in clicks and gestures with keyboards like Gboard or Swiftkey.

Unfortunately, the screen is interrupted by a notch. However, I feel that the market has already become accustomed to having this notch at the top. I don’t think it’s the best option, but I can understand the decision.

Quality cameras and a wide angle with “fisheye”

LG G8s ThinQ Quality cameras

It was LG that first offered us wide-angle sensors on smartphones. In this regard, we must commend the brand for continuing to do a formidable job.

The cameras are of the highest quality and if you like photos with a larger field of view, this LG G8s ThinQ is the phone for you.

Sensors chosen for the rear camera:

12 MP, (normal) f / 1.8, 27mm,
12 MP optical image stabilization , f / 2.6, 49mm (zoom), 2x
13 MP optical zoom , f / 2.4, 14mm (wide angle)

Front cameras:

8 MP, f / 1.9, 26mm (wide angle), AF
ToF (Time of Flight) 3D camera, f / 1.4

This front camera is called ToF (Time of Flight) and is perfect for the 3D scan of your face. This is one of the ways that LG has found to give us facial recognition identical to that of the iPhone, but without spending so much money.

With this feature the facial recognition of the LG G8s ThinQ cannot be deceived by a photograph as we see in recognitions from Huawei, OnePlus or even Samsung.

The only problem with the cameras is their User Interface

My criticism for the User Interface is coming, but I’ll start with the design chosen for the camera software. The software is confusing with definitions, filters and a number of totally hidden solutions.

The rotation of the rear camera to the front camera is located at the top of the screen. Whenever you turn on the camera to take a selfie, you have to exercise your fingers to change the camera. In addition, manual settings give automatic filters. That is, again, a confusing and illogical software.

User Interface is a disgrace

Unfortunately, this was not the case. LG’s User Interface remains confused. Not to mention the Amazon application that is included and there is no way to uninstall.

Gestures are anything but uniform. You have both slips and clicks. If you activate the gestures, swipe up to access the open applications. However, if you want to go to the main menu you have to click on the soft menu key. The same is true with going backward. That is, you either give gestures or you don’t. LG stayed in the middle.

This User Interface is also portrayed by 4 subdivisions in the definitions. LG so badly wants to make things simple that it makes them even more confusing.

In addition, we have uninspired icons and a “stretch” in the icons there 2012 when we reach the final page of our home page.

Finally, as soon as we turn on the smartphone for the first time, we have a notification stating that “if your phone does not respond, do not remove the battery. Tap to see how to reset the phone “. Note that the LG G8s ThinQ does not have a removable battery.

This alone shows how LG trusts its equipment. The first information that gives the user who has just bought a high-end smartphone is that it will eventually crash .

The LG G8s ThinQ has top of the line performance

In this field you can rest assured. The G8s ThinQ gives us top-of-the-range performance. The possible slowdowns we may experience are largely due to your User Interface. The tested model was the device with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory. We also have the variant with 64GB.

That is, considerable and acceptable for any top of the range at this time.

Your specifications in a glimpse:

  • 6.21 ″ inch G-OLED screen
  • Resolution FHD + 1080 x 2248 pixels HDR10
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor running 2.84GHz
  • 4GB / 6GB of RAM (tested at 6GB)
  • 64GB / 128GB of internal storage
  • 3550 mAh battery
  • 12MP + 12MP + 13 rear camera
  • 8MP + ToF front camera
  • Dual-SIM or SIM + MicroSD card (up to 1TB)

Extras to consider

Autonomy is not the best I’ve seen. The smartphone holds up for a day and a little more. That is, if you leave the house in the morning and only get to the end of the day, you should have a power bank with you. This may be due, once again, to the poor optimization of the User Interface.

Another point to mention is the resistance to water and dust. Nothing better than having peace of mind and an IP68 certification. The phone can take with a few baths that you will have no problems.

Finally, calls are quality. Both on one side of the line and on the other.

Conclusion, this smartphone is passed up

I want to believe that LG has the capacity to do better. I’m a fan of the brand and I want to see the LG that launched the G2 again to compete among the greats.

Even though the new phone has almost everything to convince, I fully believe that your commitments and unwillingness to bring better should cost you in sales. Only then will LG realize that it has to give us more and better.

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