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More than elegant – Daily Report

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Price: $128 +

hanna stryker

Leather has long held a place in offices, especially in high-end workplaces. But it’s no longer reserved just for the quirky chairs you imagine residing in a floor-to-ceiling walnut room. Harber London’s Leather Desk Mat brings quality material into his office in a modern way.

This is what we like

  • General appearance
  • Durability
  • quality materials
  • smooth to write

elegant and functional

Before receiving the rug from Harber London, I was questioning its purpose. My thought was, “There’s nothing like that; it’s just a rug.” As soon as I opened the box, that opinion changed. The look and feel of the fur immediately wins you over.

My desk had a bit of character before with my plants, but overall, it seemed pretty lackluster. Once I added the leather mat, it felt like a completely different workspace. This layer of texture and color elevated her look dramatically. I have to say I enjoy sitting at my desk a bit more as it feels like a happier space.

Cables can go through the desk mat.

hanna stryker

The leather surface is not only pleasing to the eye, but also quite functional. The slight traction it provides works like a mouse pad effortlessly.

Typing on the mat is even smoother than using a mouse on it. Your pen sinks a bit deeper into your paper when on the soft mat compared to a hard desk. This is primarily beneficial for writing on loose sheets of paper, cards, and sticky notes.

Another functionality is the wire cutting of the carpet. This allows you to neatly route cables. This is most useful for a Mac keyboard charging cable, but can also be used for laptop chargers. It’s a nice minor feature, but it probably won’t sway your purchase decision.

Quality materials and craftsmanship.

Knowing a bit of the company’s backstory makes the final product that much better. Harber London is a family brand that uses high quality materials in its simple designs. Every product sold is handmade.

Harber London always use full grain leather which is the highest quality option. According to golden leather, this type of leather is the strongest and most durable and does not need to be sanded. This leaves more strength between the fibers and makes the product more durable.

Initially, I assumed that the mat would get scratched easily, which made me a little nervous when using it. At this price point, you’re worried that one small misstep could cost you quite a bit of money. I was pleasantly surprised and relieved to see its durability.

There were a few times when I was sure I had accidentally scratched it, but I didn’t. This mat even managed to remain scratch free after a cat fight took place. Don’t get me wrong, you can scratch leather rug, but it just takes more than a little accident to do it.

It is relatively easy to remove small pen marks from the surface of the mat. It didn’t fare as well against the permanent marker, but that’s to be expected. Be sure to follow the care instructions so your rug has the longest life possible.

The use of leather will determine some of the purchases, since there is always the question of its sustainability. I will say that the durability of this mat gives it longevity, which certainly makes up for some of the manufacturing damage.

Harber London’s choice to use vegetable-tanned leather also reduces its footprint. According to carlosfriedrik, the process a hide goes through to become vegetable tanned leather uses natural tannins instead of harsh chemicals. Leather tanned with these chemicals cannot biodegrade while these leathers can.

All in all, it’s much more sustainable than some plastic mat options out there.

For the support material, you can choose between wool or microfiber felt. This unit has a fleece backing. There are some minor frays along the perimeter, but hardly worth noting.

The wool keeps the mat from sliding around my desk. It also offers the desktop an extra layer of protection. If you have a more slippery surface such as glass, you may want to select the microfiber option as it will have a better grip.

Harber London offers desk mats made from wool felt or microfiber if you’re looking for cheaper options.

Should you buy a leather desk mat?

Desk mat works for laptops and desktops.

hanna stryker

There is no doubt that this is a great desk mat. It looks great, works well, and is made from high-quality materials. However, those materials and the care that comes with a handmade product will cost you.

The unit I reviewed is an XL size, measuring just over 31 x 17 inches (78.74 x 43.18 cm). This would set you back $192. The smallest size is priced at $128. It’s worth mentioning that the standard prices on the website are in euros, so don’t be fooled. With this high price tag, whether or not you should buy it depends on your perception of the price.

If you have a valuable desk worth protecting, I highly recommend getting a Harber London Leather Desk Mat. If you want to elevate the look of a lesser quality desk, this is a great option as you can select the ideal color and size.

On the other hand, if you have a desk that you don’t much care for and you’re just looking for a better writing surface, there are certainly other desk pads that are a better fit for you. You won’t get the quality this mat offers, but you’ll get the function for a fraction of the price.

This Harber London Leather Desk Mat is a great addition to many desk settings. If you think it’s worth the price, you’ll certainly be satisfied with the product you receive.

Classification: 9/10

Price: $128 +

This is what we like

  • General appearance
  • Durability
  • quality materials
  • smooth to write
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