Pepsi will land in the electric vehicle history book when it takes delivery of the first all-electric semi trucks from Telsa on December 1. That’s according to Tweet by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. The richest man in the world followed up the tweet by posting that the vehicles have a range of 500 miles and are “super fun to drive. “

Business Insider reports that Pepsi has ordered 100 of the electric vehicles and will put them into service by the end of 2022. This deployment fulfills Musk’s promise in April when he tweeted that the trucks would ship this year. Though this comes after years of broken promises from Tesla regarding EV seeds. The company first announced the vehicles in 2017, with an initial target launch of 2019. The automaker has delayed the launch several times since then. We only got our first look at a real-life Tesla semi earlier this summer.

While the 500-mile range model is the one Pepsi will receive in December, it’s not the only one Telsa will launch. The company also makes models with a 300-mile range that cost slightly less. The 500-mile version is around $180,000 per truck, while the 300-mile version is around $150,000.

Tesla claims that the new electric semi trucks are mostly maintenance-free. And that companies using the trucks can expect to save $200,000 every two years per truck. According to Telsa, the EV semis draw power from four electric motors on the rear axle and carry up to 36 tons of cargo.

Font: Business Insider