Security should never be an issue that is taken lightly, much less when it comes to the security of our home. Not only is it the most valuable heritage we may have, it is also the last place we want a member of our family to feel in any way uncomfortable.

An issue that is seldom touched upon and which, due to those same oversights is often the cause of accidents, are automatic garage doors. You would be surprised to know all the little details that are sometimes neglected behind this topic.

Safety tips to avoid damage to the Garage Door

The first thing you should consider is what type of door you have in your garage, perhaps when you asked to have it installed or when the previous owners of your current property asked to have it installed; They did not take into account the main characteristics that it had. So before we dive into the details of safety and precautions, first make sure what type of door you’ll be dealing with.

The largest one over the garage door opener is called a torsion spring. These springs come in pairs and if one is damaged you will need to replace both of them. But don’t think that you can do this on your own. Repairing or replacing a garage door repair Garner without professional help can result in tragedy for you.

Sectional Door

This type of door is made up of several panels assembled to each other. The door opens upwards when said panels slide down the side rails until they are horizontal with the ceiling. Mainly, with this door, you want not only to gain space but also to regulate the interior temperature by incorporating an insulation system in the panels.

Sliding door

By means of an upper rail that serves to keep it in a vertical position at all times, it moves from one side to the other supported by a group of lower wheels. Unlike the previous door, in order to install a sliding door, it is necessary to have enough space for the door to complete its entire opening path.

Swing Door

Composed of one or two folding leaves that rise towards the ceiling. It is yet another type of door that saves space by being aligned with the ceiling. Of course, you have to be a little more attentive with respect to the others since this door goes out when it is opened and while making the journey.

Folding door

It can be just one or two leaves that open and close like a classic house door: turning on a hinge, hinge, or a single vertical axis. Although they are ideal to save internal space, they require a lot of external space since the door opens outwards and, in order to give way to the vehicle, you need to make the full opening travel that varies depending on its width.

Rolling Door

Although it is used mainly to safeguard premises and not homes, they are also an option for the garage. Very similar to the sectional door or if you like, to a blind, it is attached to a powerful and unique upper rail, of course, it saves a lot of space by not being parallel to the ceiling but completely rolled up on said axis.

With a clearer idea of ​​the different types of doors on the market, let’s not only go on to talk about the general safety tips to take into account but also those specific regulations depending on the type of door you have.

General precautions

These precautions apply to all types of doors, no matter which one you have. Some of the following precautions that we will name involve making a small additional investment in your door but, when it comes to safety, we are not talking about any luxury but a duty.

The main thing is that you, as well as each member of your family, learn and even practice the different safety rules that we will mention here to the point that they are practically practiced by muscle memory or habit; in the same way, that happens with daily toothbrushing.

The new CE (Conformité Européenne) garage door regulation establishes that every door must have:

  • A signal light.
  • An anti-pinch rubber.
  • A resistive band.
  • A photocell inside the garage door.

Additionally, all garage doors should have a safety feature that prevents the door from crushing or scratching objects. The doors must change their direction if they touch something. This safety feature is required by federal law and must be triggered by an electronic system controlled by a computer that calculates the optimal opening time and the most convenient speed. It can detect and compensate for a wide variety of conditions, for example, if the door is in contact with something or is closing too fast.

Most of the accidents that occur with garage doors involve damage to the vehicle, which is why complying with these regulations will help you minimize these possible risks.

However, as a user, you must also take into account the following precautions and, this is where each member of the family must participate or at least be aware of the security scheme:

  • When the door is opened, no one should be near it, if someone in your house cannot be in the garage at the time you open the door, then they should be as far away as possible from it.
  • Pets (especially dogs) tend to react with great curiosity to the garage door when it is opened, so you must always be attentive to where it is while the door is opening or closing. Keep your pet away from the door.
  • A sign must be placed on the outside of the garage door, even if it is a roll-up door, in order to make sure that people are aware that they should not park in that place since the door when opening could damage the car.
  • When installing the interior button to open the door “manually” (without the control) it must be required that said button be as far away as possible from the door and verify that the electrical installation, cables, and pipes, which control the motor, never risk harm.
  • You should always verify that the motor to be used in the door is adequate to support the weight of the door. Aim for an engine of at least ½ horsepower, look for one that starts and ends smoothly, they operate more quietly and minimize wear. The speed of the motor will vary depending on the amount of money you have invested. The most expensive garage doors open much faster but, for safety reasons, they always have to close slowly.
  • For greater security of your home and yours, an armored lock should be included in the center of the door and, as part of the daily routine, all family members should ask themselves “they keyed the garage door” and verify or ask that this was so.

Regarding the specific rules for each type of door, we find that:

  • Swing door: The width and height of each leaf must be clearly known, as well as the material in which they are made and their estimated weight.
  • Roof doors: You must know the minimum and maximum opening height as well as the width and total surface of the door.
  • Sliding door: You have to know the material and the measurements of height as well as width.

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