Samsung’s 55-inch Epic Odyssey Ark monitor is available for pre-order


Samsung Odyssey Ark 55" Gaming ...
Samsung Odyssey Ark 55" Gaming Display

Earlier this year at CES, Samsung unveiled its massive 55-inch curved and swivel gaming monitor called the Odyssey Ark. We heard it might come out this summer. Now this gaming monitor is finally available for pre-order. With that said, it comes at a whopping $3499 to match its epic size.

For those unaware, Odyssey Ark is the world’s first 55-inch 1000R curvature 4K gaming display, with an impressive 165Hz refresh rate and gamer-friendly 1ms response time. It is so wide that it will tower over you and expand into your peripheral vision. You can immerse yourself in both portrait and landscape modes, taking your gaming experience to the next level.

This isn’t just a gaming monitor, either. The stand can pivot, tilt, and even rotate, allowing potential users to work and play like never before. There’s a unique “cockpit mode,” and owners will get Samsung’s Ark dial and a remote for additional controls in the box.

“We’re giving today’s gamers what they want, an immersive, cinematic experience, with new innovations in game display technology that only Samsung can deliver.” said Harry Patz, Jr., senior vice president and general manager of Samsung’s display division. “Odyssey Ark is a personal game theater that introduces a whole new way to play on consoles and PC.”

Samsung Odyssey Ark

In addition to the 55-inch size, 4K resolution, and fast 165HZ refresh rate, you’ll be happy to know that it packs a massive 3840 x 2160 resolution with AMD FreeSync Premium Pro and four built-in speakers pumping out impressive 60W sound. .

The Ark has a neat Game Center, not to mention a “Game Bar” tool for quickly and easily viewing all sorts of screen settings without leaving the game. If you don’t need all 55 inches for gaming, split them (as shown in the image at the top of the page) to display FPS, HDR, or VRR settings, or adjust their aspect ratio on the fly.

In 2020, Samsung released the Odyssey G9 with a 49-inch curved screen, then an upgraded version for $2,500 last year. Now this latest 55-inch beast takes things to a whole new level.

The new 55-inch Samsung Odyssey Ark gaming monitor is available for pre-order starting August 15 and will retail for $3,499 when it hits stores sometime in September. You can get $100 off when you pre-order one today, and an additional $200 off with a full pre-order, bringing the price down to $3,199. Get yours from the following link.