The 7 best camera apps for taking amazing pictures!

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The 7 best camera apps for taking amazing pictures!
Have you thought about making your photos and selfies even more beautiful or even more professional? Professional cameras are a luxury, but with some tips and apps on your phone, you can also record incredible images to post on social media. camera app

AppGeek made this list with the 7 best camera apps. Choose and start taking great photos. We still prepare some valuable tips to make your images and videos much more attractive!

1. A Better Camera

A Better Camera

Better Camera is a very popular application among photography lovers, being one of the best options available today. The application is quite complete, with several very interesting options for your photos.

Among the various features, with A Better Camera you have several shooting modes, to record exactly the way you want. There are also composition guides, as well as facial recognition and location. Great for not losing focus of the image!

Another very attractive point is that the app has tools such as night mode, to capture clear and noise-free photos in any type of lighting, and time lapse, to record everything easily! In the end, just post on social networks.

To download A Better camera apps click here

2. Pixlr camera app

Pixlr is already famous for its simplicity and speed. To make impressive, high-quality photos, it only takes a few seconds and very few taps on the screen. With a very intuitive interface, you can apply filters when it’s time to take the photo!

However, after registering the image, everything becomes more interesting. With a range of editing tools, Pixlr allows adjustments, which include auto-correction, image overlays, blur, red-eye removal and the inclusion of text in a variety of sources!

Quickly and without complications, it is possible to make your photo much more beautiful and then just share it!

To download Pixlr camera apps
select the operating system: Android / iOS .

3. VSCO camera app


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VSCO is one of the most popular applications today. With it, you can improve your smartphone camera considerably, using various features that make your photos look more professional.

With VSCO’s editing tools, you can include several filter options, in addition to being able to crop and resize your images without running the risk of losing the quality of the content. In addition, it is possible to make adjustments to the color contrast.

Another interesting point is the option to compare your photo before and after the changes you made, giving you a view of what has been changed for better or worse. Perfect for anyone who wants to share good photos on Instagram or Facebook!

To download VSCO camera apps
select your operating system: Android / iOS .

4. Camera360 camera app

camera 360

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Very popular with those who take several selfies, Camera360 has numerous functions aimed directly at this type of photo. With a simple and intuitive interface, all options for registering the image are easily found.

To make your photos attractive, the application allows you to define the image’s frame and the proportion that it will have when it is registered. It also features field blur, allowing you to choose exactly what will be highlighted.

Among the options for selfies, you can edit the scene you are on and even your own face, applying various types of filters. You can touch up the skin color and highlight more specific features of the face, such as eyes and lips.

To download Camera360 camera app click here

5. Camera MX camera app

camera MX

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With Camera MX, you can make your phone’s camera much smarter and you can record images more creatively. When it comes to taking the photo, you can already include frames, being very useful for those who want a faster result.

The application also optimizes the photos you like best and finds your images from the location. It is still possible to include effects to make images more beautiful, such as making them black and white, for example.

You can also include your photos in slideshows with a soundtrack, produced in the app itself. Perfect for sharing on social media!

To download Camera MX click here

6. Camera FV-5 camera app

Camera FV-5

With an intuitive interface, Camera FV-5 is one of the most complete applications when it comes to taking pictures. So much so that many professional photographers also use the app for certain jobs.

In Camera FV-5, you can adjust the resolution of images, set the photo mode, speed control, and make night records in a clean and high quality. There is also an anti-vibration feature, so even if your hand is shaking, your photo comes out perfect!

In the free and paid version, other interesting points of the application is the possibility of controlling the exposure time and opening the shutter, which allows different types of effects, such as moving lights. Great for those who want professional looking photos made with the phone!

To download the Camera FV-5 click here

7. ProShot camera app


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Despite being a paid application, ProShot could not be left out of that list. The app is one of the most complete available today and a great option for those who want professional functions on the smartphone.

In a simple and intuitive interface, with the application you can make adjustments directly on the screen when registering the image, defining where the focus of the photo will be. In addition, there are adjustment buttons that look like those of ordinary cameras, where you need to rotate the options to select the desired function.

Among the photo options, there are automatic, manual and creative modes. You can also manually adjust the quality of the images, as well as select an aperture mode to compensate for exposure. Of course, you can also make adjustments to the brightness and contrast levels simply and quickly.

To download ProShot click here

5 tips for taking great photos

With the applications above, you will be able to take much better photos than with the normal camera phone. But in order to reach higher quality scores and be even more successful on Instagram or Facebook, AppGeek offers some tips.

1. Clean the camera lens

It may not seem important at first, but keeping your smartphone’s camera lens clean is crucial for good photos. As we always have the phone in our pocket and hand, it is easy for the lens to get dirty, our fingerprints being one of the factors that can blur the photo.

With the lens of the device dirty, it is possible that the recorded images come out blurred or out of focus. So always be aware. Dirt can cause the device to have its sensors blocked, making it difficult to focus and expose properly for a good result.

2. Don’t use the zoom

If you don’t have a smartphone with powerful cameras, it’s important to avoid zooming in to take pictures. This is because cell phones record a “complete” image, and using the zoom only serves to “crop” part of that image. That is, the zoom does not actually approach the object.

If you use the zoom and take a look at the image from the computer, it is very noticeable how much of the sharpness has been lost and how the focus has been impaired. So if you want to zoom in, think about whether you can get closer to the highlight of the photo.

If you can’t get close in person, look for other ways to convey what you want in the image. Zoom should only be seen as a last option.

3. Watch out for the light

When we photograph, we are recording the light that is reflected by people, objects or landscapes. Therefore, being aware of the clarity is a crucial factor for your photos to have good quality.

For a better, clearer picture, more light is needed. However, be careful. Check if the lighting of the place is in accordance with your expectations, and the light source must not appear in the frame, as it can “burst” the image. Be aware of the source of the light and how it behaves.

4. Check the scenario

When photographing someone or an object, it is important to keep in mind what is around the main focus of the image. Choose an interesting background, as it can be a complement to the photo, ensuring greater attractiveness and quality.

Organize the mess! It is normal not to pay attention to what is around in the heat of a moment, but for the photo to be more beautiful, it is important to check if there are things not very well arranged in the image field.

By taking this into account, you avoid including in the photo something that should not appear or that confuses anyone who sees the image, without knowing exactly what certain points in the photo mean. Thus, the organization should also generate more likes when posting on social networks!

5. Always edit your photos

Editing a photo is not making changes that change everything the image means. But it is very common to take a picture of someone or somewhere and get the feeling that, in reality, what was seen seemed much more beautiful.

With that in mind, after making your records out there, try to edit everything before posting, trying your best to give that special tone you are looking for. Thus, you create a sensation in those who see the photo, something that everyone loves and should explore.

Create your own editing style, experiment with filters or adjustments that can leave the photo with the mark of its quality. Very valid for those who want to gain likes and followers on social networks!

Now that you know the best camera apps for your phone and have some tips to start making amazing photos, see how to organize your Instagram feed and make your profile more beautiful. And to boost your account, even more, take a look at these 10 tips to pump your Stories! stay tune with us.