The Costs of Hiring a Mover—a Comprehensive Overview

How much does it cost to hire a professional mover? It is one question that most people who are about to move have in their minds. 

While some try to find the answer to this, others perceive taking the help of professional movers is quite expensive, and they are better off managing the move themselves. 

Although there is no clear-cut answer to this query, we will help you have a ballpark idea of how much you expect the moving expenses to be so you plan accordingly. 

The best way to budget your moving plans is to hire removalists from Brisbane and get an estimate of the moving cost.

The Cost to Hire Movers for a Local Move

The local movers generally charge by the hour. What does that mean? Your prospective mover will quote a price they will charge hourly, and how many hours they will take the task to complete. The average cost to hire a mover is $50-$80. But, the exact hourly rate depends upon the season and day of the week for moving, and how much stuff to move.

For two men and a truck, the average moving charges are $120. As said earlier, the approx professional rates are mainly determined by the exact moving day.

Moving out in the beginning and end of the month, especially during the summer, could be very expensive. 

To better understand, for a studio apartment, a two-man truck is enough and not more than three to four hours if you move locally. 

The moving expenses you can expect to be between $320-480. For a two-bedroom apartment, the cost can go up to $900-1000, if you don’t include any additional moving features. 

Moving a 3 bedroom is a job for four professionals, and may take up to seven to eight hours. 

Many local moving companies will ask for a deposit to reserve your date. You must contact your potential moving service provider to know their deposit policy.

The Cost to Hire Movers Across the Country


First things first, the cost to move out of the state will be much costlier than moving locally. It is because several factors influence the moving cost. It is next to impossible to calculate the interstate moving expenses yourself, but you can have a fair idea. 

The two major factors that affect the cost are the size and distance of the interstate move.

Distance of the Move

The more the distance between your present and new home is, the higher are the moving expenses.  

Here is the rough idea of the interstate moving costs:-

  • Sydney – Brisbane: 918 km (579 mi)
  • Sydney – Adelaide: 1,375 km (855 mi)
  • Sydney – Perth: 3,930 km (2,442 mi)
  • Sydney – Melbourne: 858 km (533 mi)

Size of the Move

The size of your house determines how much you will have to spend on moving across the country. The more the number of rooms in your house, the more laborious work, the higher the moving costs. 

Most top-rated moving companies have a dedicated moving cost estimator on their webpage, based on the home size and pick-off and drop-off locations. 

The Extra Charges

Here are some unexpected and additional costs that may cause you to increase your moving budget. One of the extra charges is safely transporting bulky items. 

Cancellation fee, if you cancel your move or storage fee if you want delayed delivery of your belongings to your new home. 

Bring Down the Moving Price With Three Easy Steps

After you know the average moving costs, you probably want to lower them. And, fortunately, we put forth three money-saving techniques:-

Pare Down Your Possessions

Move the items that you intend to use now and in the future. By packing fewer items, you will have to pay less to your mover, because interstate moving costs are calculated based on the shipment weight.                                                                            

Sell Your Junk 

Taking from the above step, if you are some days before the moving day, you can organize a backyard sale or sell your unwanted stuff at a local dump yard. 

Negotiate a Better Deal With Your Mover

It is easier said than done, but still, you can save money. Contact more than one mover in your area, obtain a quote. 

And, then compare the quotes in terms of their market reputation, service, and features to make a well-informed decision. 

Don’t feel timid about discounts or first-time client promotional deals. 


Finally, as a piece of advice, make great emphasis on hiring a reliable moving company to have a team of experts with extensive experience in packing, loading, and unloading in a manner that everything goes without disruption on a moving day. 

Check their reviews on Google and other customer feedback sites.