The Google Pixel Watch won’t outlast your Fitbit’s battery



People are really overestimating the capabilities of the Pixel Watch, probably because it’s backed up by several years of rumors and hype. And while we don’t really know all the specs of the Pixel Watch, it probably won’t have amazing battery life. Yes, I’m making an educated guess, but it’s backed up by a recent 9to5Google report.

As explained by one of 9to5Google internal sources, the Pixel Watch lasts about a day on a charge. That’s in line with most smartwatches, including the Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch 4. We don’t know the exact specs here, but 9to5Google found the Pixel Watch’s battery to be just under 300mAh, which is the usual capacity for a wearable of this size.

Is a day-long battery life a bad thing? Well, it’s certainly my biggest gripe with smartwatches, but it’s not a deal breaker for the Pixel Watch. This device is a smart watch, not a fitness tracker. while does it offer Fitbit integration, the Pixel Watch won’t outlast your Fitbit.

Now, there’s a bit of hope here for those who want insanely long smartwatch battery life. The leaker did not say 9to5Google what environment the Pixel Watch was tested in. There’s a chance that disabling your always-on display will extend battery life, for example.

The Pixel Watch launches “this fall” alongside the Pixel 7 smartphone. Google hasn’t announced a price for the smartwatch, though we expect it to drop below $400.

Source: 9to5Google