This Robot Vacuum OS Could Become the Heart of Next-Generation Smart Homes


I robot

Two years ago, iRobot introduced its AI-powered Genius Home Intelligence platform that would help the company’s Roomba vacuums know where and when to clean. Now iRobot has just revealed a powerful new software platform for its vacuum cleaners: iRobot OS.

The new iRobot OS is packed with great new features and appears to be a starting point for the company’s future endeavors. It’s also a fantastic progression from previous software efforts, aka iRobot Genius. Now, robot vacuums will be able to better detect objects in your home and offer even more voice commands and pet-centric features.

Colin Angle, CEO of iRobot, said: “As iRobot expands its ecosystem of connected robots and smart home devices, we are placing a strategic emphasis on superior software intelligence delivered on beautifully designed, high-performance hardware. iRobot OS brings it all to life, enabling products that understand the home environment, respect customer preferences, and intuitively connect with the smart home ecosystem to get the job done. iRobot OS enables our robots to get smarter and cleaner even more effectively over time, delivering valuable new features and functionality that benefit all customers, including pet owners, busy families and those looking to take advantage of the maximum your voice assistants”.

Currently, there is no plan to add the iRobot operating system to any of the existing vacuum cleaners, but doing so is not entirely out of the question. In early 2022, iRobot released an updated version of its Genius platform for its robot vacuum and mopping models.

iRobot Genius already includes a host of smart features in the companion app (Android/iOS), such as cleaning schedule suggestions, recommended exclusion zones, and support for hundreds of voice assistant cleaning commands.

Now the new iRobot OS is focusing on gaining a deeper understanding of the home and better integration with other areas of the smart home. The company’s CEO also mentioned his interest in branching out to run some of its other devices, like air purifiers. That would allow them to be more helpful to consumers by intelligently judging when to turn on, how high to run, when to run, etc., so devices would be less disruptive to daily cleanings.

Anyone who owns the new iRobot j7 robot vacuum has an idea of ​​what iRobot OS has to offer. Take advantage of the front camera of the vacuum cleaner to better understand the layout of a house, it can also identify more than 80 types of common household objects and understand more precise cleaning commands, such as “clean by the dining table”.

Source: iRobot