Ways on How to Treat Hammertoes

Hammertoe is a typical nagging problem many Singapore people face. And besides it being a health issue, it’s creeping into social lives and wreaking havoc on people’s self-esteem. But however indomitable this condition seems, there still are ideal treatment options to correct it.

Hammertoes occur when the second or middle toe’s joint becomes weak, and the tendons keep stiffening, making them bulge at the joints. Standard treatments for hammertoes include custom shoe inserts, padding your shoes, insulating padding, and surgery. In some instances, pain relief can offer reprieve as you seek to adjust your hammertoe. Here’s how you treat a hammertoe in Singapore.

Orthotic devices

If you have a hammertoe in Singapore, there are numerous stations you can liaise with to get custom shoe inserts. Usually, an orthopedic assesses your toe’s condition and creates a plastic model that’ll help to restore its shape gradually by realigning it. These models apply slight pressure on the toe, acting on the joint to force the tendons to stretch and ease up. The results typically come out if the condition isn’t as bad, such as flexible hammertoes. With such situations, treatment may only require that you use remediating shoes to correct it. Nonetheless, rigid and semi-rigid hammertoes will require an orthopedics intervention.

Toe taping

Toe taping changes the affected toe’s muscle balance and restores a hammertoe’s initial shape. However, it would help if you did it correctly not to misalign it. Standard taping includes wrapping the tape under the toe next to the affected one together to act as the anchor. However, the flip side is that it doesn’t completely straighten the toe but helps regain its simple standard shape. So, most people having hammertoe in Singapore would instead pair it with other treatments.

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In case the hammertoe becomes rigid, surgery can become more relevant than other treatments. An orthopedic surgeon usually has the technical prowess to help correct the problem and provide a more permanent solution. Usually, if the pain is severe, it means that non-surgical treatments can be of little help because they’d instead cause you more pain. Therefore, an orthopedic cross-examines and assesses your hammertoe’s condition and removes the body’s prominence on the toe before aligning the joint. Alternatively, they can insert a steel pin and restore your toe’s shape.


Exercises can be incredibly remediating for hammer toes as they work to relieve the pain and restore their shape. They usually masquerade as subtle stretches, and you should gauge them so that they don’t inflict more pain. They work best in gradual steps that facilitate the healing to full recovery. Ideally, it’s always best to consult a health professional to advise you on the correct exercises based on your condition. However, most exercises work suitably well without external help and help eliminate your hammertoes quite effortlessly.


Hammertoes are a nagging problem that hinders mobility and causes extreme discomfort to people having them. Therefore, the only way out is to get the proper treatment. There are numerous ways to treat this condition, provided that you do them correctly. However, if you’re nursing a severe hammertoe in Singapore, you should seek medical treatment, including surgeries, for a more permanent solution.