Kangana Ranaut might be a celebrity, but she is also an accused: Mumbai court

Mumbai Magistrate court observed that Kangana Ranaut (left) may have professional commitments but she is an accused in the defamation case filed by Javed Akhtar (right)

In the Javed Akhtar defamation case, magistrate RR Khan of the 10th Metropolitan Magistrate Court in Mumbai noted that Kangana Ranaut may have professional assignments but she cannot forget that.

Magistrate Khan observed, Till date, the accused has not appeared for framing of a particular offence though the matter was specifically kept her appearance for framing of particulars of the offence

 The accused cannot claim permanent exemption as of right. The accused has to follow the established procedure of law and terms and conditions of her bail bonds. No doubt, being a celebrity

The magistrate noted that as per records, Ranaut had appeared on two occasions — once during the time the case was taken on board and on the second for making allegations of bias against the court. 

"Till date the accused has not appeared with an intent to cooperate with the court for the trial of allegations levelled against her," the court said.

"Keeping in view the earlier conduct of the accused as per the record of the case, non-framing of particulars of the offence till date and strong agitation of complainant regarding willful absence

On Tuesday, the magistrate had rejected actor Kangana Ranaut's application which she was requesting for permanent exception. Akhtar's case is at a juncture where charges must be framed against Ranaut.