What are series on Snapchat?


What is the greatest indicator of true friendship?

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Do you feel free to share all your deepest secrets? Sure.

But what is the problem What really shows dedication to a friendship?

Right. Streak!

But wait… what are series on Snapchat?

Don’t worry friends, I’ll explain.

What are series on Snapchat?

Snapchat is a big deal in popular culture, especially among young people. 82% those 18-24 use the platform on a daily basis. So obviously the company has to keep them entertained somehow.

The Snapchat series feature was introduced in 2015 and has since become a staple. It has the power to make and break friends… No, really!

Do you want to try it yourself?

That is how:

Start sending Snaps with a particular friend daily. If you can do it for three consecutive days you will start a series. It sounds easy, but can you keep it up?

Let me tell you more about how Snapchat Snapstreaks works:

How do the series work?

Once a series has started, it’s up to you and your friend to continue Snapping each other. If you skip a day, the series will be lost and you will have to start all over again. If of course you don’t lose your friend too. (Again: it’s a big deal!)

In your inbox, next to the person’s name, you’ll see how many days you’ve kept them active.

It’s important to remember that Snaps are the photos and videos you send. Then sending a text message in chat will not contribute to the Snapchat series.

Quick Tip: Get creative with your Snaps. Many people send a black screen with a smiley emoticon to their friends every day to keep the chain going.

But it’s nothing personal!

What does it matter if you’ve been talking to someone for many days if “serious” is the only thing you’ve said to each other?

Snapchat Series Examples

There are methods and levels to this madness. They’re marked with Snapchat Streak emojis!

you can have a streak with your best friend, for more than 100 daysetc.

Here’s how to decode emojis:

  • Fire-shows that you are on Snapstreak.
  • Hourglass- reminds you to Snap your friend and continue the series
  • Hundred-means you have reached a 100 day streak
  • yellow heart—show who is your best friend n. 1 on Snapchat
  • Red heart—Tells you that you’ve been someone’s number 1 best friend for two weeks straight

How to share your series with friends

Here’s a pro tip: You can share a Snap with all your friends and hold multiple sets at the same time.

This is the easiest way to do it:

  • Take a photo.
  • Go to Shortcuts and create a new one.
  • Choose as many friends as you need.
  • Tap an emoji and create the shortcut.
  • The emoji will appear at the top of the screen. Click on it.
  • Press Select + and send the photo.

Another way is to do it click the blue arrow and select your friends one by one.

There are ways to make your SC series more interesting.

The two most popular are Filters and Bitmojis.

If you and your friend start exchanging photos with a filter, get one with your streaks in white numbers.

To choose a filter, first take a Snap. Second, start swiping left or right to choose. Once chosen, send it to the chosen person.

Bitmoji launched it in 2014. It can help you diversify the Snapchat series emojis. allows you to do that create your own sticks.

If you link your accounts in both apps, you can find your Bitmoji when you click the sticker icon in camera mode. Tell your friend to download this app too. This way you will get friendmoji!

To wrap

So what are series on Snapchat?

A feature that shows you the number of days you have consistently photographed a person.

It has become a symbol of commitment. The true badge of friendship. The ultimate brand of loyalty.

Get the drill.

Now. Don’t have Streaks to keep up with?