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Heart symbol Text ღ – love Heart emoji ❤ copy paste ♡ ♥

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Heart symbol

The heart symbol ( ♥) is universally used to represent love and affection towards something or someone. For this reason, it is common to find him represented at parties such as Valentine’s Day, weddings, anniversaries and other parties related to love as well as objects such as stamps and letter and paper prints, dresses, chocolates, stuffed animals and in multiple products; likewise, it can be found in paintings, television series, movies, web pages and other manifestations of popular culture. Although the symbol does not faithfully represent the human heart, whose shape is more similar to that of a mango, it is universally associated with it, since the heart is the organ related to infatuation. 

❥ ♥ ❤


heart symbol text

If you came to this guide aiming to create heart emoji compositions, I guarantee you can do it by using ad hoc apps that are somewhat simple to use.

After downloading and starting ai.EmojiArtFunBox on your smartphone, read the tutorial that appears on your first startup to understand its general operation, and then tap the Start button to start using it Next, press the category button and tap the voice Love and Romance from the menu that opens, to access the gallery that contains the heart-shaped emoji compositions.

After finding the one you like the most, press the copy button (the icon of the two sheets located at the bottom right), open the application in which you want to paste the emoji composition of your interest and paste it (making a long touch in the text field of the application of your interest and selecting the Paste item from the menu that opens).

Black Heart Symbol(♥ )


Why did the heart become a symbol of love?

heart text symbol

Like every February 14, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, everything seems to be covered with the characteristic shape of the heart: balloons, gifts, sweets, chocolates and a host of decorative elements that symbolize romantic love. But since when has the symbol of the heart text been associated with love? The answer is in the story. Here we tell you how this symbol was used to represent one of the most sublime emotions that we humans experience.


Who was Valentine? To begin with, we must ask ourselves how it was that the geometric symbol that we all know was used to represent a vital organ that, at least in form, is nothing like its graphic representation, as can be seen here: According to some historians, it all started around the 6th century BC. Back then, the symbol that we now associate with the heart was used to represent the silphium plant, which was used as a contraceptive. Others affirm that the form derives from the representation of some foliages and that these were used in religious illustrations, representing both the romantic love between a man and a woman and the manifest love between God and humanity. On the other hand, there is the fact that the ancient Egyptian doctors who performed the first dissections on human corpses, observing the intricate network of veins, arteries, and nerves that seemed to sprout from the heart, believed that it was in the heart that they resided and originated. the emotions. Also, they noticed the fact that when one was scared or excited, the heart began to beat. Centuries later, the followers of the Greek physician Galen perpetuated the belief that this organ was the center of emotions – which persists to this day in phrases like “It broke my heart ” or “I love you with all my heart “. Take away the cheesy from February 14 with anti-romantic poems. Many centuries later, at some point in the Middle Ages, the symbol began to be associated with love. The first representation of a heart, as we know it today, in a romantic context, was presented in the capitular letter of a French illuminated manuscript dating from the thirteenth century and known as Roman de la Poire —’The Romance of the Pear ‘. In the centuries to come, the heart would also be associated with Jesus and his infinite and eternal love. By the seventeenth century, when the party became popular Valentine instaurada two centuries ago by Geoffrey Chaucer in his poem ‘Parlement of Foules, the symbol of the heart began to be used to represent to the love romantic.

Why is the symbol of the heart totally different from its real shape?

Whether it’s a balloon, a drawing, or an emoji, the heart symbol is nothing like the real organ, and even though we all know it, we continue to recreate it that way. Learn why we draw the heart different from the real one!

Egyptian theory

There is really no exact theory as to why the heart acquired this shape, however, it is argued that the origin comes from the Egyptians, who gave great importance to the heart for the human body, believing that within this organ was the soul and mind of people.

Through the hieroglyphs, the Egyptians recreated the shape of the heart, which does not have much resemblance to the current shape, since they drew up to the two ventricles.

The Greeks and their abortive plant

Another theory about the origin of this symbol, comes from Greece, in a Greek colony called Cyrene, which is currently part of Libya. In Cyrene, from the 7th century BC, a coin was used that had a minted symbol similar to the drawing of the current heart, however, it really was the seed of the Silfio plant.

This plant was widely used by the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians as a perfume, to relieve pain, as a spice and more. But his most appreciated property for people was abortifacient. According to historians, the resin was obtained from this seed, dipped in cotton and introduced into the vagina to stimulate menstrual flow.

Now, what does this plant have to do with a heart? Because its abortive function allowed young people to “express” their love without consequences, that is, without causing a pregnancy. Over time, this plant was related to love by the possibility that people could “love” freely.

Other theories

Another of the origins may be due to a misinterpretation during the Middle Ages since at that time the Catholic Church had prohibited autopsies, so the shape of the heart was imagined through ancient writings, and in other cases, it was worked with the heart of the cow, which has a shape more similar to the current drawing.

And of course, the Catholic Church has its theory. Margarita Maria, a nun from the 17th century -who would later be canonized-, had a vision where she saw the “Sacred Heart of Jesus”, which according to her, had this shape and was surrounded by flames and thorns.

However, this vision dates back to the year 1673, when the symbol of the heart already had a shape similar to the current one, which is why Santa Margarita is not credited with this shape of the heart.

In the end, many historians assure that the symbol of the heart is due to an evolution in art, that in order to achieve a better aesthetic and greater simplicity when drawing it, the shape was changed until it reached the current one.


Also use I ASCII Characters, i.e. writing characters that can have various shapes (including the heart) can be a great way to include this symbol in your personal messages and/or notes. 

Heart emoji Copy Paste

Heart Emoji Heart Symbol Type Unicode Hex
White Heart Suit ♡
Black Heart Suit ♥
🖤 Black Heart 🖤
💙 Blue Heart 💙
💚 Green Heart 💚
💛 Yellow Heart 💛
💜 Purple Heart 💜
🧡 Orange Heart 🧡
Heavy Heart Exclamation Mark Ornament ❣
Heavy Black Heart ❤
Rotated Heavy Black Heart Bullet ❥
🎔 Heart With Tip On The Left 🎔
💓 Beating Heart 💓
💔 Broken Heart 💔
💖 Sparkling Heart 💖
💗 Growing Heart 💗
💕 Two Hearts 💕
💞 Revolving Hearts 💞
💘 Heart With Arrow 💘

Origin of heart symbol text

heart text

The day of love It may be a day of happiness for many couples, but before “Happy Ending” together, some of you may get upset because you don’t know how to find a gift or expression for your lover. Thai Rath Sunday Special By the support team ‘Toon So would like to ask to bring supporters to meet with the symbol Various about love In case it will be an idea to use Or tell your lover In order to add “sweetness” to love life

And because this year is a rabbit year The first symbol of love is “Rabbit“. Yes, that’s the furry hair. In the beliefs of Japan Rabbit is an important animal as a messenger of the god of love Okuninoshino Mikoto, but according to legend. It’s hard to say that The Lord himself Or the little rabbit? Which has more power Because according to the Japanese mythology The Lord originally was a prince of a city That has to be fought against the shoulders of the lover And while traveling to prove that true love The prince met an injured forest rabbit. With kindness So he saved the little rabbit’s life Without realizing that the rabbit was actually a deity To test the will of Okuni Nishino Mikoto

Therefore, once the little rabbit was rescued His Majesty blessed the prince to be satisfied in love. And in later times After loving each other until the right time, The Prince became the god of love and matchmaking by paintings or shrines of the King. There will be drawing Or sculpt the little rabbit statue to always be alongside him

In the old beliefs of Japan So the rabbit became a follower of the god of love. And maybe because rabbits are fast, fast-paced animals, so besides being a follower of the gods Also received the messenger Or in other words The postman who sent love from the heart to young men in order to marry each other according to the blessings of the gods.

In addition to Japanese legends, Many beliefs in Asia, Especially in China Rabbits, are animals that are important in love as well. Because normally Rabbits are fast-breeding animals. Called prolific Farrowing off grandchildren is like playing Causing people to give a rabbit Or draw rabbits to young people or couples as a symbol of complete love Or if married It means having a child full of houses With grandchildren full of cities like Rabbit

In Asian beliefs

Rabbit is, therefore, a symbol Of perfect love Especially this year Which is a rabbit year Causing many people to give a rabbit to each other since the beginning of the year And on the occasion of the festival of love If you still can’t think of anything Giving a rabbit to a lover Maybe a good communication Because aside from it means complete love As mentioned Still telling love As the rabbit is also the messenger of the gods.

Besides rabbits Which is the first symbol that has been brought to share with one another Let’s continue on to the universal symbol of love. Known all over the world, that is the heart shape that everyone can draw. That is, two beautiful curves meet. Some people believe that if you want to love when you draw your heart, you have to draw a line once to make it a complete heart. But supporters will believe it or not, originally, the heart symbol we use today is a symbol of “death” before !!

Many of you may have wondered that Why does the heart have to look like this? That is because The look that we are familiar with Is a look that is mimicked from ivy leaves Shaped like a heart that we draw today

Since the Greek and Roman eras In which the ivy leaf is a symbol of immortality Because Ivy has fresh green all year Regardless of the weather Or whether the color of other leaves will change to But Ivy will still be green And bound to love, To be honest, Ivy is a vine that often glides over and clings to it. Ivy is seen as Regardless of what is gliding about Ivy will be bound. It is a symbol that can be expressed in many ways, such as love. Loyalty A bond that never goes away, immortality, and when Ivy is “eternal love”

In this sense, the ancient Romans preferred to engrave stone graves in the shape of ivy leaves. To tell the eternal love for the dead And in later times Christians also apply this belief. Making the graves of Christians in the early stages Or even today Often carved into a vine Or the shape of the ivy leaf In order to convey the love that is not diminished Although lovers will urgently advance to another world first Ivy will tell him or her that The remaining people always have true love.

Modern artists have applied this belief about Ivy. And applied the look of Ivy But changed the fresh green to be drained with red Until later We see the familiar red heart today. That is because of the introduction of the symbol of eternal love and red, the color that often symbolizes love. Because it is the color of the blood coming together And became one of the most well-known symbols in the world When you see it, it can be translated to say that I love you, so giving a picture or a heart-shaped greeting card It is a simple medium of love, but if you get a chance to tell your loved one that The heart from this ivy leaf Not just the word “love” but “eternal love” as well. The sweetness on the day of your love will be even sweeter.

And then continue with another simple symbol, the rose. Legend has it that In the olden days … Roses … were not chosen to be symbols of love. Originally Rose, a tree with thorns Chosen as a symbol Of the first victory But later When humans find the fact that True love wins all things. Rose makes it a symbol of love as well

During the rose became a symbol. Of love Make it a regular flower The Venus The goddess of love too So a legend has been created in the latter that Roses are caused by the blood of Venus, which has been cut and thorned on the ground. Or some legends say that Caused by the tears of Venus weeping for the death of Adonis The beautiful young lady that she fell in love with But regardless of how they were born Roses became an indivisible flower from Venus. And became a symbol of love all the time over a thousand years ago Especially red roses Considered red by the blood of her love

Told a lot to the west Please come back east. But to say that it is something similar to the West, that is the story of the god of love In Asia, we have Cupid. As for foreigners, there are Cupids. Who doesn’t know who’s copying anyone But the two women use the same tactic to make people love each other, that is, an arrow to the chest. But why? … Why … hit the chest arrow and didn’t die. While also creating a love emotion That is because The arrow of Cupid Is not a general arrow But is an arrow made from sugarcane The arrow strings are caused by many bees. Flying together to create an arrow line The arrow is described as a top arrow, with a flower tip. Regardless of aiming the arrow to pierce someone without pain or pain, but instead, feel disturbed by the love of the breast.

Therefore, bees are one of the symbols of sweet love. If you can’t think of anything Send a bee-shaped card to your lover. And said that it is one of the symbols of telling love Is the arrow of the Cupid’s love arrow Every human being And how can it not be sweet?

Of course, when having bees, it must have honey. Belief in the whole east Out and west Considering honey is pure May, therefore, refer to true love as well So it’s not strange that in the olden days When getting married, they make honey drinks, such as may be pure honey. Or liquor brewed from honey for the bride to drink for 1 month after the wedding Until being the origin of the word honeymoon Or drinking honey for 1 month, which, in addition to telling pure love like honey, is also considered a “doping medicine” to have children together soon. But overall, bees and honey are all symbols of true love.

Another symbol of love that I want to tell is dogs … Yes. That dog, the supporters might say that it is crazy or not. The dog will be a symbol Of love Must decide whether it is and is stable as well Because that little dog, that big dog Is a symbol of honesty Giving the little dog Or cute dog-shaped cards for lovers on the day of love Therefore an expression that says I truly love you with one heart.

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