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10 best widgets for Windows 11

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Hannah Stryker / Instructional Geek

Windows 11 comes preloaded with several useful widgets that you can use to get quick information about what interests you. You can also add third party widgets to your PC, extending the functionality of your PC. These are some of the best widgets out there.

1. Outlook Calendar

Outlook calendar widgets.

To take a quick look at all your calendar events and even create new ones, add the stock Outlook Calendar widget to your widget bar. You will then see a small calendar that shows all your added events and offers a button to create new events. You can customize this widget to make it big or small.

2. Photos

Photo widget.

The Photos widget basically retrieves the pictures stored in your OneDrive account and displays them as a slideshow in the widget bar. Your photos move with really nice transitions.

By default, the widget is set to “small”, so if you want to enlarge your amazing photography, adjust the setting to be larger.

3. Climate

Weather widgets.

One way to quickly see today’s forecast is to add the Weather widget to your widget bar. This widget gets the current weather information and displays it in a nice compact style. It also shows a map and the current temperature.

You can customize the temperature unit to display Celsius or Fahrenheit, depending on which part of the world you are in.

4. Traffic

Traffic widgets.

Headed somewhere and want to quickly know what to expect on the way? Add the traffic widget and you’ll have traffic information for your area right in your widget bar. This widget automatically retrieves your current location and lets you know how the roads are at the moment. It will also show you an alert on your taskbar if there is a traffic block near you.

You can also manually enter an address to view traffic data for that location. The widget is offered in three different sizes if you want to customize it.

5. Sports

sports widgets.

If you’re a sports lover who doesn’t want to miss any game updates, get the Windows 11 Sports widget to quickly see scores for all kinds of games being played around the world. You can choose the games and teams for which this widget displays scores.

6. To do

To make widgets.

The To Do widget comes from Microsoft’s To Do app, where you can create and manage your daily tasks. With this widget, you can view your pending tasks, create new tasks, and even mark existing tasks as complete, all without leaving the widget.

You can also highlight your important tasks on the list using the widget itself, a great way to organize your to-do lists.

7. Watchlists

Watch list widgets.

Watchlist is a stock price tracker widget that shows the latest prices of various stocks in the world. You can customize the list of widget actions so that it only shows the ones that interest you, leaving everything else out.

You can also make the widget larger to show more stocks, for those larger portfolios.

8. Entertainment

Entertainment widgets.

With the entertainment widget, you can find out about the latest and greatest movie and show releases around you. The widget tells you about the latest movies, shows, and other entertainment content that might interest you. This way, you can be sure that you won’t miss any exciting shows or movies around you.

Widget Launcher.

Widget Launcher is a third-party widget for Windows 11 that includes various devices. Think of a gadget as a single tool in a widget, dedicated to a specific task. For example, this one has a world clock that shows the times in various countries, an RSS feed reader that lets you read feeds from your favorite sites, and even a CPU meter.

This widget comes with several skins, allowing you to customize its appearance.

10. Desktop devices

Desktop gadgets.

Desktop Gadgets is another widget launcher for Windows 11 that adds various useful widgets to your PC. You get a world clock, CPU monitor, weather bar, notes app and much more with this widget.

All of these widget gadgets are highly customizable, which means you can change them to your liking so that they display the information that is most relevant to you.

Viewing widgets in Windows 11 is as easy as clicking an option or pressing a keyboard shortcut.

If you want to use the keyboard shortcut, press Windows + W on your keyboard. You will quickly see your PC widget bar.

Another way to launch the widget bar is by clicking on the weather icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. It will open the same widget bar that you can launch with the keyboard shortcut.

To add a new widget to your PC widget bar, please do the following.

Open the widget bar by pressing Windows + W or by clicking the weather icon in the bottom left corner. Then, at the top of the widget bar, click the “+” (plus) icon.


You will see an “Add Widgets” menu. Here, find the widget to add, then next to that widget, click the “+” (plus) icon.


Your chosen widget has now been added to your widget bar. Are you ready.

To remove a widget from appearing on your widget bar, follow the steps below.

Launch the widget bar by pressing Windows + W or by selecting the weather icon in the bottom left corner of your screen. Then find the widget to turn it off.

In the upper right corner of the widget, click the three dots.

Select the three dots for a widget.

In the opened menu, select “Unpin widget”.


Windows 11 has removed your chosen widget from your widget bar. And everything is ready.

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