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10 Eco Friendly and sustainable gift ideas

If our ecological conscience is more than a fashion; we do everything taking into account our impact on the environment; or it is not only that we live in an ecological house and that we practice sustainable mobility, but also that we try to transfer our vision of life to the people around us… for occasions such as birthdays, Christmas or special days like Mother’s, Father’s or Valentine’s Day, for example, we can choose to make  ecological gifts. Do you like the idea? Do you need inspiration? Go for it! 

What are ecological gifts?  

Ecological gifts are those that are designed to have a low impact on the environment, that is, that they are created from recycled and recyclable materials and that their production leaves a low ecological footprint. This, in the case of wanting to give an object, since it can also be an experience, of course. Original ecological gift ideas? A paragliding jump,  rafting down a river, theater tickets… But even in these cases, if you want to choose your gifts 100% under the criteria of sustainability gift of the planet, you must take into account public transport to reach the sites and take the tickets downloaded on the mobile to avoid using paper and ink.  

10 deco ideas for original ecological gifts  

But beyond the experiences, if you are reading this article it is because you are passionate about decoration and so are your friends and family. And giving decoration is always a good idea. Can you also be eco-friendly and make an original eco friendly gift to decorate the house? Of course! Here are a few ideas that you will love:  ecological gifts for women, for men, for children… and for you too! Because, why not treat yourself to an ecological and sustainable detail from time to time? 

  • Give the planet an eco friendly gift consistently: Giving your friends and family an eco-accommodating gift is an incredible beginning, yet why stop there? You can likewise give the planet a month-to-month gift by buying into our carbon expulsion administration to eliminate unavoidable discharges from your way of life. With your responsibility, you permit activity and development of the direct air-catch ability to eliminate additional CO₂ from the air forever. Scaling CO₂ evacuation limit is direly expected to accomplish environmental targets. With your commitment, we can continue to speed up.
  • An organic cotton plaid: The plaid is a fundamental piece at home and has several uses: for the sofa, the bed, the deckchair on the terrace… Plaid is great for keeping you warm, but also for decorating and adding warmth to the house. Fortunately, more and more plaids are being made in certified organic cotton and designed with health and environmentally friendly dyes to reduce your ecological footprint. A cotton plaid, in addition, will be an ecological gift that will be used throughout the year, both winter and summer. 
  • Ecological air fresheners: Another of the top gifts are perfumes. Sales of colognes and perfumes, at Christmas time, for example, multiply. It’s a classic gift that always works. That being the case… why not give perfumes for the house? Of course, there are ecological ones: stick air fresheners, aromatic candles, essential oil diffusers that work with heat… Make sure that the perfume is made following sustainability criteria with ecological ingredients such as essential oils, and you will have a very original eco gift. 
  • Pretty Bottles for Water: Looking like a bland gift? Well, it is very useful! We need water for everything in life. To eat, but also while we work, on the bedside table, or when we go to the gym, for example. And apart from the fact that one of the premises of eco-awareness is to avoid the use of plastics, a very decorative plastic bottle… it is not. So one of the cheapest and most practical ecological gifts for women and men is undoubtedly a beautiful glass water bottle. You can reuse it as many times as you want, it will look good wherever you put it and, another fact that is worth noting:  you will save water because, since you pay a basic fee for the water in your home, you make the most of those resources, right?  
  • Solar lamps: Did you know that you can also make original ecological gifts that help save electricity? There is one that we love for the terrace or the garden: solar lamps. They are lamps that are charged by the sun and at night, they offer a warm and magical light that will embellish your balcony or terrace. There are tabletop, standing, to place on the ground, nailed to the ground or even as garlands hanging from railings or tree branches. At Westwing you can find beautiful models. A very easy way to introduce renewable energy at home. 
  • Ecological baskets: Both to go shopping and to decorate by placing them as a flower pot or as a container to store cushions, plaids, and even children’s toys, vegetable fiber baskets are perfect ecological gifts.
  • Bamboo and raw wood furniture: Natural, without varnishes, without paints… Raw wood is in fashion and so is bamboo. Furniture pieces such as small accessories or even accessories made with raw wood or bamboo are a possible ecological gift. Bamboo is a sustainable plant since its growth is very fast and the wood must be certified. 
  • Plants and more plants! They are a classic that never fails. If you want to make ecological gifts for women and men that always succeed, plants are a good option. They are carried with a large leaf, with tropical air, and they look good both indoors and outdoors. However, if you choose them under maximum sustainability criteria, it is important to take into account whether they will adapt well to the new space. If it is a plant for a garden, it is better to choose native species for a perfect adaptation and a lower water requirement. 
  • Tableware & Co of eco glass: Made of 100% recycled glass and colored with ecological pigments, you can find everything from beautiful tableware to jars to store pasta and rice in the kitchen, spice racks, and bowls, salad bowls, tarts… There are endless options to set the table or dress your kitchen with tableware, glassware, and very practical accessories. You’ll find them all at Westwing. 
  • Deco made with clay: There are also original ecological gifts for the house-made with clay. They are printed with eco pigments, although if you like unpainted clay, it also looks great. Bowls to serve the salad, trays to leave the keys at the entrance, or even one of the most practical ecological gifts for women: jewelry boxes to leave the ring or pendant. They are ideal gifts to decorate with an eco craft accent. 
  • Wooden toys: And how could it be otherwise, there are also ecological gifts for the little ones in the house. If you think sustainably, you will know that there are many wooden games, for example, that are stronger and last much longer than plastic ones, and since they are made of wood, they will be easily reused for another purpose if the child grows up or gets tired of them. toy. 
  • Socks Giving dad a present that is environmentally friendly is a wonderful way to express how much you care about him and his health. Socks produced with sustainable materials or organic cotton are a classic eco-friendly gift for dad, but there are so many other great possibilities. He’ll adore wearing cool and comfortable leggings, t-shirts, and shorts with interesting patterns all summer long. This time of year, all parents spend a lot of time thinking about their children, but summer can take on new significance when you give your dad eco-friendly socks from Teddy Locks. Every person on the earth has a significant impact on the environment in which they live, so start by demonstrating your commitment to the environment.

These are just some ideas of ecological gifts that you can make for your loved ones, but there are many more! At Westwing you will find original ecological gifts, manufactured under sustainability criteria. Sign up for ecodesign and feel good about yourself, your loved ones, and the planet. 

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