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10 iPhone Photos App Features You Should Be Using

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Joe Fedewa / Instruction Geek

Apple has been gradually infusing the iPhone Photos app with amazing and powerful features. It’s so much more than the old basic default gallery app. There are many features that you may not be aware of; We will share some of the best.

Browse your iPhone photos like a pro

Searching for text within the iPhone Photos app

You probably have hundreds, if not thousands, of photos and videos in the Photos app. Fortunately, there are powerful filters and searches in the Photos app to help you find what you need. You can simply search for “cat” to bring up all the cat photos, and even search for the text that appears on the photos.

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Remove background from photos

Isolated iOS 16 theme

iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 added a cool feature to the Photos app that lets you isolate subjects from the background. This is something you’d normally need an app like Photoshop for, but it can be done with the Photos app with just a few taps. It even works with videos.

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Enable “hidden” photo album


Look, there are probably some photos and videos that you don’t want just anyone to be able to see on your iPhone. For that, the Photos app has a password-protected “Hidden” album that can be enabled. As an added layer of security, you can even hide the album itself.

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Disable audio in Live Photos

touch button

“Live Photos” is a cool feature that turns regular photos into short videos. What you may not know about Live Photos is that they also record audio. Fortunately, you can turn off Live Photos audio very easily. Just open the photo, tap “Edit” and turn off the audio in the Live Photo options. You can keep the video while removing the audio.

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Edit photos and videos in batches


Editing photos on an iPhone is a relatively easy process, probably easier than on a computer. However, it can be cumbersome if you have a lot to edit. The Photos app allows you to “copy” edits from one photo or video to another. That way you can edit once and apply it to a bunch of other photos and videos. Very cool.

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Find and remove duplicate photos and videos

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Your iPhone only has so much space, and you may not want to shell out for more iCloud storage, which means it’s important to keep your photos and videos tidy. The Photos app has a feature that automatically detects duplicate photos and videos for you to delete. Use this feature to free up space when you need it.

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Remove location information from photos


The Photos app allows you to view EXIF ​​data for photos. This gives you information about which device took the photo, when, and if you haven’t turned location off,where. You can remove location from iPhone photos EXIF ​​data very easily, which you can do before sending photos to people you don’t want to have your location.

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Identify objects in photos

Did you take a photo of a strange plant and don’t know what it is? Did you know that the Photos app can identify things for you? The feature generally works for plants, animals, art, and landmarks. All you have to do is look for the little shiny icon at the top of the “Info” button when viewing a photo.

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Scan text from photos

Speaking of identifying things, the iPhone Photos app can also identify text in photos and let you copy it. Just open a photo that contains text, tap the scan icon in the bottom corner, and watch all the text highlight. From there, you can select the text and copy, search, translate, or share it.

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See which apps can access your photos

In the settings of

There are many apps that request access to the photos on your iPhone. It can be downright impossible to remember which apps you have access to, and you may not want to have access to some forever. The good news is that you can easily see which apps have access to the photos in your iPhone’s privacy settings.

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See, the iPhone Photos app is pretty cool. It’s not just your run-of-the-mill basic photo gallery. If you’re still not impressed, Google Photos is also a great app that works on iPhone.


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