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10 Very Weird Spotify Playlists

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Joe Fedewa / Instruction Geek

Playlists are a huge part of Spotify, and anyone can create their own public playlists for others to enjoy. People get very creative with playlists, as they should, but some take it to the extreme. Let’s be weird.

Making playlists is a creative outlet, and people have done some really clever things with the medium. We will be sharing some of the most interesting, funny and strange playlists that you can find on Spotify.

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Hyper-specific situational playlists

A “rare” type of playlist is one that is made for very specific situations. These can be real situations or completely invented.

point of view: you are in an 80’s movie driving at night

Whoops, looks like you slipped into the end credits of an 80’s movie. I hate when that happens! Well, here’s a cassette tape you can listen to.

sitting in the rain thinking too much about life

We have all been there. Sometimes you just need to sit in the rain and think about life.

physical contact is my love language but i’m alone on mars

Very relatable.

Songs for when you meet an alien on a hot summer night

You never know when this may happen. It’s good to be prepared.

when you’re on vacation after a show and you’re getting ready for dinner

There’s nothing like having a full day of activities away from home and washing up the day before getting dressed for a fancy dinner.

Fun with song titles

Another common thing to do with playlists is to use song titles to write messages, stories, describe situations, and more. People get very smart about this.

Dads when they see a pair of these.

Everyone knows that it is impossible for a parent to pick up a pair of pliers and not “try” them. He has now been immortalized in a short but sweet playlist.


This playlist uses the song titles to create a transcript of the classic viral video “The Wicked Witch of the East, Bro”.

grill cheese

Sometimes you just need a few instructions to make a grilled cheese sandwich.

POV: Visit Japan

I thought everyone would have text boxes under their mouths?



As you can see, it’s easy to have fun with Spotify playlists. With so many songs to choose from, there are almost limitless possibilities. Don’t be afraid to get a little weird.

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