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15 Amazon products that will help you save money

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Everything costs more today, which means many of us have to rethink the way we spend our money. For some it means canceling unnecessary subscriptions, and for others, it’s about recalculating budgets and making tough decisions.

Since many of us are looking for new ways to save money in the long run, we thought you might appreciate some of these Amazon products to help stretch your money a little further.

While it may seem counterintuitive to purchase in advance, many of these products help limit costs over time. Think reusable, rechargeable and energy efficient!

home and kitchen

Three products recommended in the following article from brands like Utopia, FoodSaver and Handy Laundry

Utopia/Food saving/Practical laundry

There are many ways to save money at home, and many of them start in the kitchen and laundry room. From using paper towels to everyday plastic waste, there are plenty of reusable options that will help you save money and stay energy efficient.

Flour sack Kitchen towels

Flour Sack Dish Towels are just what you need to reduce your use of paper towels in the home. Since paper towels contribute to the growing waste problem, using dish towels instead will help reduce negative environmental impact. We love that they dry hands well, are efficient cleaning cloths, and sufficiently dry dishes, thanks to their high absorbency.

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum sealers help stretch your dollar like no other appliance. The best way to make the most of this handy gadget is to always keep an eye out for good wholesale purchase sales. Even if you weren’t planning on buying chicken breasts a week, grab the family pack if you find a good deal. Once you get home, seal a few portions and use them whenever a good recipe comes up.

reusable sandwich bags

If you find yourself reaching for plastic bags every day, then you’ll appreciate these eco-friendly sandwich bags. Whether you have to pack a sandwich or some small crackers that need to go in the lunch box, these reusable bags will certainly come in handy.

Each leak-proof baggie in the ten-pack measures 8.66 x 7.76 inches; They are freezer safe and provide thicker protection than disposable bags.

wool dryer balls

Replace your chemical-infused liquid fabric softener and expensive dryer sheets with a pack of wool dryer balls. They will speed up your dryer’s run time and help you save on your energy bill. Plus, they work like dryer sheets to help reduce annoying static.

Mini Bag Sealer

If you find yourself tossing expensive cereal, chips, and crackers in the trash because they’ve gone bad too quickly, say hello to your new favorite gadget. The handheld mini heated bag sealer will seal then cut the bag so you can keep your snacks fresh.

Entertainment and home life

Three images of products recommended in the article that include brands like Holikme, Energizer, and Google.

Beyond the kitchen, you’ll discover that there are plenty of ways to save money, depending on where you find yourself spending that big bucks. From rechargeable batteries to programmable thermostats, check out some of our favorite money-saving items.

roku express

Let’s be honest; cable is expensive Luckily, watching your favorite channels and enjoying new series doesn’t have to be, with the help of a Roku Express streaming device. As long as you already have an Echo Dot with Alexa, you’ll have no problem pairing your Roku and connecting all your streaming services, and finding the best channels available, including NBC, ABC, and FOX.

door stopper

If you live somewhere cold, you know how annoying a cold draft can be. It drops the temperature in your home and causes your furnace to shut off constantly. Fortunately, you can keep your heating costs down with a doorstop.

The stopper is designed with a durable, double-layered fabric that prevents air, light, dust, and pests from entering through large door gaps.

LED bulbs

Switching to long-lasting LED bulbs will do a lot for your wallet. Not only will you save money on your electricity bill, but they will also provide greater energy efficiency with less heat production.

Battery charger

If you constantly buy expensive batteries for children’s toys, game controllers, and remote controls, then perhaps a battery charger is a good option for you.

With the Energizer charger, you can fully charge AAA or AA batteries in just 12 hours. Put them in overnight and you’ll have batteries ready to go in the morning. Just keep in mind that one charger won’t work with all batteries; instead, you’ll need rechargeable batteries.

programmable thermostat

This is the thing with smart programmable thermostats; They will save you money, but only if you are disciplined and use them correctly to your advantage. As long as you take full advantage of the smart thermostat’s features, you won’t have a problem saving on your heating bill over time.

Very active

Three images of products recommended in the article including brands like NETANY, Mueller and Tiblue.

NETANY/ Mueller/ Tiblue

Once you’re out and about, it’s even easier to spend unnecessary money. From daily iced lattes to frequent takeout lunches, there are plenty of places you could find yourself spending money. These products can significantly help to avoid unnecessary expenses so that you can save money.

reusable grocery bags

The concept of reusable grocery bags is fabulous. They’re better for the environment as an eco-friendly alternative, but since most stores don’t offer plastic bags, you have to buy bags every time you forget your own.

Compact, reusable grocery bags make it a little easier to remember each time. Instead of working with a big wad of grocery bags stuffed in your closet (which you’ll probably forget at home), you’ll appreciate how compact they become when folded. Just remember to put them in your bag or backpack after you unpack your groceries, so you always have them with you no matter which store you go to.

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

If you don’t already have a reusable water bottle, now is the time. Plastic water bottles aren’t good for the planet, but they also cost a lot when you buy them frequently. The Hydro Flask 24-Ounce Water Bottle is built with TempShield insulation to help keep your water cold all day.

reusable cup with straw

I don’t know about you, but I love my iced coffee every day. Unfortunately, however, the cost of each latte and cold beer adds up. If you’re also addicted to drinking ice cold drinks all day, then maybe a reusable cup, some cold-brewed coffee from the grocery store, and some of your favorite creamer will help cut unnecessary costs.

cold brew coffee maker

You can even take your money savings a step further by brewing your own cold brew right from home. With this Mueller Cold Brew Mug, you’ll have a refreshingly smooth, barista-quality cold brew made for you without ever having to go to a coffee shop.

A quality lunch box.

If you find yourself spending money on takeout every day, you can cut costs by packing your own lunch. Having a lunch box or cooler bag is all you need to get started, but making meal prep a part of your daily routine will help too. Once you establish new habits, you’ll be on your way to saving big. Select from 17 colors and designs to choose a bag that suits your style.

We hope some of these products help you save money, but if none of them fit your lifestyle well, we also have 15 more Amazon products to help you with your budget.


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