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3 Basic Ways to Wear Your Necktie

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How we carry ourselves is a powerful tool to show our confidence and strong capability for the tasks we are assigned. It might be subtle to you, but the littlest thing, such as the necktie style, could show a lot of your personality and temperament on the matter.

Thus, if you are indeed looking for ways to wear your necktie that can improve your overall style, then you have come to the right place.

In today’s discussion, I will provide different three of the most basic ways to wear your necktie that can improve your overall style in accordance with your preferences.

Full Windsor Knot

The full Windsor knot or double Windsor knot is the most popular necktie style because they’re very formal, aside from being easy and straightforward.

  • First and foremost, hang the necktie around your neck. The wide end of the collar should be on the right side and draping four to six inches lower in comparison to the more narrow end of the tie
  • And then, cross the wider end over the narrow end to make an X-shape
  • Tuck the wide end around the neck using one finger to hold the necktie in one place
  • Now, pull the wide end all the way through
  • And then, wrap around the know horizontally, starting from right to left
  • Flip the wide end of the necktie and pull them diagonally
  • Again, loop the wide end over the narrow end around your collar
  • Bring the back the tie from left to right. And then, tuck them using your finger to hold them in place
  • Loop the wide end over the narrow end once again with the tip pointing upwards
  • Pull the wide end all the way through to smooth the slacks, and then you are done

The full Windsor knot is suited for taller men with neck tie measurements between 61 inches to 64 inches.

Half Windsor Knot

Half Windsor knot is another great necktie because they’re easy to manage and won’t cause you that much time.

  • Hang the necktie around your collar with the wide end draping on your thigh while the narrow end on your chest
  • Cross the wider collar over the narrow end to form an X-shape necktie
  • And then, loop the wide end horizontally behind the end of the narrow collar
  • Pull the wide end collar and in the opening of the X-shape and pull it all the way through
  • Hold the wide end and wrap it around the collar from right to left
  • Insert the wide end inside the X-shape through towards your chest and pass it over the X-shape
  • Using one finger, open up the triangle and pass it over the X-shape collar
  • To fully adjust the tie collar, pull the narrow end down

Half Windsor is known as highly flexible and a popular collar tie among corporate individuals because of the elegance and style it emits.

Nicky Knot

Nicky Knot is uneven and uses a medium size collar end once it is finished. It is a more casual form of collar ties and is best for informal occasions.

  • Hang the necktie around your collar. Unlike the previous ones, the drapes of the layer should be wider. It should be two inches lower from your desired finished
  • Cross the wider end over the thinner end to make an X-shape
  • Loop the wider end around your collar, and then tuck it down through the loop
  • Put the thick collar horizontally around the front end of the tie while pushing it down using your finger. Put your other finger and slip it under the base collar you have created across the knot
  • And then, tuck the tips of the collar tie horizontally
  • Now, pull the knot all the way through until it is snugly fitted
  • Adjust the collar tie accordingly

As mentioned, they are more suited for casual and non-formal occasions. In order to fully take advantage of the knot, you can turn custom ties to boost your overall outfit for the day.


You can freely experiment with any of the three collar tie styles relayed in this article. And your option varies depending on your unique preferences and the occasion you are attending to.

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