4 Easy Methods to Save MS Word to PDF & Retain Formatting


Although Word is ideal for editing content, PDF is the best format for archiving files. Because different versions of Word may affect the document’s formatting, it is necessary to convert them to preserve the original document layout. In this case, making a PDF file available allows users to access it regardless of which word processor they are using.

Unlike Word documents, PDF files are editable. Instead, the purpose of it is to look the same across all major platforms. If you have a Word file that needs to be static for your business, you can use online tools to convert it to PDF format. The format of the original document, including embedded links, is preserved in the resulting PDF.

Why Should You Keep Files in PDF Format?

Because PDF files are “read-only,” the only way of modifying their contents is to leave a digital footprint on them. Besides that, PDF files are portable, and they typically take up less space and can be fully integrated into any operating system. They are also accessible from any network or server. As a result, additional storage hardware is no longer a requirement.

Furthermore, the PDF file format can help relieve a user’s security concerns about digital data. Users can quickly add additional security measures to PDF documents, allowing them to share and edit them without worries about security. Aside from the advantages already mentioned, converting Word to PDF also ensures that the content quality is maintained.

Allow PDFBear To Do The File Conversion

You won’t have to worry about exporting any document from Microsoft Word to PDF using the PDFBear online tool. In a couple of seconds, the site will update all of your information in PDF format. In addition, if you have trouble resolving your file issues, a few clicks on the PDFBear platform will lead to better outcomes.

When you incorporate the features, there will be no small twists or turns or even advertising. Online file conversion is simple to do because it only needs four simple actions to begin:

  1. To begin, go over to the PDFBear website and click on the Word to PDF converter feature. The platform will redirect you to a new page to forward your Word documents once activating the tool. Next, select the Word document you wish to convert to a PDF file by hitting the blue “Select Files” button.
  2. After carefully picking the document and sending it to the site’s server, PDFBear will begin the file conversion process.
  3. The online solution tool is now processing the file’s content. The procedure could take a few seconds or up to a minute to complete. The seamless process goes to show how quick and easy PDFBear’s file conversion process is.
  4. To avoid having to repeat the process, save the document immediately after completing the steps. Even if you own the file, it will be inaccessible after an hour of uploading. It is one of the primary security features of the website.

Accurate File Conversion Outcomes

PDFBear will provide exceptionally accurate conversion results and an orderly and systematic conversion from Word to PDF. Digital users won’t have to worry about vital information not being transferrable to the most recent PDF file. PDFBear can convert your Word document to PDF while preserving the original text and structure. This dependable online PDF converter is available to all users for free.

Key Traits of PDFBear’s Word To PDF Tool

When converting Word files to PDF with PDFBear, there are four fundamental aspects to keep in mind. The first advantage is the high level of accuracy, which ensures that all of your Word’s paragraphs, lists, tables, and styles are retained. Following that is the capacity to work with a range of operating systems and browsers. The third aspect is file security and data privacy. Finally, all of your portable document format files are completely secure in the cloud.

Compatible With All Major Platforms

All that is required to use a PDFBear conversion tool is a stable internet connection and a secure browser. This website supports the great majority of personal computer operating systems. It makes no difference whether you use a Mac, Linux, or Windows as they are all complementary. PDFBear also performs excellently on Android or iOS mobile devices or in PDFdrive.


PDF is a famous file format because it is accessible, adaptable, and practical. Therefore, converting Word files to PDF should not take up too much time or effort. Following the procedures above will handle known problems and challenges when converting Word to PDF efficiently.