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5 Tips for buying the best water kettle in Malaysia

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The simplest way to boil water at home is to use a water kettle. Most people use water kettles to boil water for various reasons, including quick speed. Typically, a water kettle works efficiently and faster than a microwave and a stovetop. A water kettle is also energy efficient, easy to use, and precise, meaning that you’ll always get the proper water temperature. However, the challenge faced by most people is how to buy the right water kettle. Below are top tips to help you buy the best water kettle in Malaysia:

1. Size

The size of the water kettle you buy will depend on your needs and counter space. If you want a kettle for making a single cup of tea or coffee, it would be ideal to buy a small kettle. On the other hand, if you need one for making several cups, go for one with a slightly higher capacity. Your counter space will also determine the water kettle size you’ll buy. If there’s limited counter space in your kitchen, look for one with the correct size.

2. Temperature options

Depending on your needs, you may require a particular kettle with specific temperature options. Before buying a water kettle in Malaysia, take time to determine its temperature options to make the right choice. For example, if you’re a tea lover, you need to choose a kettle with specific temperature options that suits a particular type of tea. Whether you like green tea, black tea, or white tea, you need to understand that the required brewing temperatures will differ for each to have the right taste. However, if you want a water kettle with variable temperature options, you must be prepared to incur a relatively higher cost.

3. Speed

Everyone wants a quick kettle that doesn’t take long to serve the intended purpose. If you’re a tea or coffee lover, you’ll probably need to look for a kettle with top-notch speed. Different brands have different kettles with different speeds. It’s, therefore, essential to compare between the different brands by going through product descriptions to see how long they claim their kettles take to boil water. When comparing, also ensure that you go through customer reviews to see their experiences using a particular kettle brand.

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4. Cost

Different water kettles in Malaysia have different prices depending on factors like brand, model, capacity, durability, and features. Some are cheap, whereas others are relatively expensive. For instance, it’s easy to find some from as low as $15, although they usually have limited features. On the other hand, you’ll find some high-quality brands that go for more than $100. The kind of water kettle in Malaysia you purchase will depend on your budget and needs. Typically, one whose cost ranges from $15-$30 can help you if you’re on a budget and not concerned about its long-term lifespan. However, if you feel like you’re in a position to get a high-quality kettle with variable temperature settings, you’ll have to dig deeper into your pockets.

5. Noise

Some water kettles are noisier than others. It’s essential to find out if the brand you’re going for has some beeping noises or not. The only means to determine this is to go through customer reviews and check if some are annoyed by its noise.

In conclusion, these are the top tips for choosing the best water kettle in Malaysia. You should also consider durability, the material used, exterior heat, and extra features.

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