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6 Air Conditioner Problems Homeowners Experience

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Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) is on track to become a $36 billion industry. Part of the reason it’s so important is that homeowners demand comfort during the many hours spent indoors. 

One of the most important parts of being a homeowner is knowing when to get an AC replacement or repair. Here are some of the most common air conditioner problems that you’re likely to experience at some point. 

1. The Thermostat Malfunctions

When your thermostat begins to give you issues, it’s a clear sign that you need some AC repair work. If your thermostat doesn’t work, your air conditioner won’t get accurate temperatures and can waste a lot of energy in your household. 

You will notice that your AC thermostat is having problems when it’s still warm no matter what temperature you plug in, or if it begins short cycling. You can remedy this by replacing the thermostat with a high-tech model. Today’s programmable thermostats can connect to your Wi-Fi and sync with mobile apps so that you can control them remotely. 

2. It Doesn’t Get Cold

Thermostat aside, there are several other reasons that your AC isn’t getting cold. There are many different types of air conditioners that you can invest in, but warm air is likely a sign that you have bad condenser coil performance. This could mean that you need to replace the coils, or that they need to be cleaned or repaired. 

It could also mean that you need a new air conditioning system entirely. You may need a new AC system if the current one you have no longer performs based on the square footage of your home. Expect your AC system to last 15-20 years or so depending on the quality, brand, and how well you have maintained it over the years. 

3. You Notice Odors

Noticing foul or strange odors is another big issue among air conditioner issues that homeowners experience. These odors can come about for several reasons. In many cases, standing water inside of your system is the root cause of the issue. This might mean that there’s a water leak or that your system is beginning to break down or give you even bigger problems. 

Warm standing water that is left unchecked can also start to breed mold and mildew inside of your HVAC system. When you’re dealing with mold in your household, it can also create some health issues. If the mold spores are allowed to circulate, they can trigger allergies and cause respiratory issues. 

You might also notice a burnt smell coming from your air conditioner from time to time. If this is what you’re experiencing, it might be due to electrical problems or system overheating. Homeowners that are smelling rotten eggs should be vigilant because this could be a sign that they have a gas leak. 

Air conditioners can even experience issues when rodents or other animals find their way inside of the ducts and die. Get an inspection if you’re noticing smells so that you can get down to the bottom of these issues. 

4. The AC Is Experiencing Leaks

Home air conditioners are subject to leaks from time to time. Aside from water, you might also deal with refrigerant leaks that can give you issues. When your refrigerant is low, it’s difficult to get the ideal performance out of your system, and you will see issues that trickle down. 

Your fluids might also start to condensate if your leaks are not controlled. Have an AC professional spot the source of the leak to nip it in the bud and to make sure that all of the mess is cleaned up. 

5. Airflow Is Weak or Nonexistent 

When your airflow is weak, or if you’re not getting any airflow whatsoever, you will need to also get it looked at. Weak airflow might be an issue if you have blockages in your system. There are several reasons that this could happen. 

You might have an electrical issue that prevents the system from charging up and performing. This could be a need for a repair, or you could simply have a tripped circuit or a blown fuse that needs to be replaced. It could also mean that your air conditioning system is short cycling or otherwise not performing correctly. 

Air conditioning pros can also change your filters so that your airflow is protected. You should change your air conditioning filters at least every other month to prevent airflow blockages, and to ensure that your breathing air quality is protected. 

6. Your Bills Are Astronomical

Finally, look into getting some work done on your air conditioner if your bills are getting more expensive. You can expect a reasonable spike in the summertime, but it shouldn’t be a massive leap. Get your air conditioning system checked out by a pro if you’re noticing your bills are out of control, and they’ll be able to diagnose the issue and help you out. 

Studying these points will help you whenever you’re having AC problems. It’ll steer you toward getting a new air conditioner installation or repair work. 

The Most Common Air Conditioner Problems

When you’re experiencing air conditioner problems, you must act quickly to take care of the issues. Learning the ins and outs of your air conditioner will help you get through the spring and summertime in style and comfort. 

Start with the points above and check out our other articles about HVAC systems and getting the best from your home. 

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