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7 Reasons Why Adidas Is Better Than Nike

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If you take a look at the list of the top-selling sneakers at the end of any particular year, there is a good chance that almost all of them will be Nike sneakers. This list, for example, has the ten best-selling sneakers of 2020 on it—and nine of them are either Nike or Jordan sneakers!

This might lead you to believe that the Adidas vs. Nike debate isn’t really a debate at all. Clearly, Nike shoes are better than Adidas shoes, so Nike is the clear-cut winner, right?

Not so fast! In reality, you should have lots of Nike shoes in your sneaker collection. But you should also buy Adidas sneakers since you could make the argument that Adidas is a better brand than Nike overall.

In an effort to get you to run right out and purchase Adidas shoes, we’re going to break down why that is. Here are seven reasons why Adidas is better than Nike.

1. Adidas Has Been Around Way Longer Than Nike

Both Adidas and Nike have been around for a long time. Nike was first founded way back in early 1964 when it was known as Blue Ribbon Sports.

But it’s Adidas that takes the cake when it comes to longevity. Adidas was founded in the summer of 1949, and it has managed to stick around ever since then. For this reason, Adidas wins the first round of the Adidas vs. Nike debate.

2. Adidas Was the First Company to Truly Push the Boundaries in the Sneaker World

Over time, Nike has obviously pushed the boundaries quite a bit itself. The brand has come up with some of the most iconic sneakers of all time.

But you could argue that Adidas was doing the same thing first. From the moment that Adi Dassler first started producing Adidas sneakers, he was always looking for new and innovative ways to give competitive athletes an edge in their respective sports.

Dassler was actually both a cobbler and an athlete throughout the course of his life, and this gave him a unique perspective when it came to creating sneakers for athletes. He died way back in the late 1970s, but his spirit continues to live on as Adidas keeps pushing the boundaries in the sneaker world.

3. Adidas Has a Logo That Is Both Fashionable and Functional

It’s hard to pick a side as far as logos are concerned when you’re talking Adidas vs. Nike. Adidas and Nike have two of the most instantly recognizable logos in the world.

But we’re going to give the nod to Adidas here for one simple reason: Their logo was designed to be both fashionable and functional. In addition to looking great on the side of a pair of sneakers, the Adidas “Three Stripes” logo is also in place to provide some sense of stability by holding sneakers together.

Others might argue that Nike has the better logo. But there is no mistaking the impact that the Adidas logo has had on the sports world.

4. Adidas Has a Sick Lineup of Classic Sneakers That’ll Never Go Out of Style

Long before Nike was putting out sneakers like the Air Force 1 and the Air Max, Adidas was dropping straight classics like the Gazelle, the Superstar, and the Samba. It gives Adidas a slight edge with regards to classic sneakers.

Adidas has also kept on putting out classics right up through the modern day. The Ozweego, which first dropped in 1996, has earned classic status over time by constantly evolving while still staying true to its roots. Go shop for Ozweego sneakers from Adidas to see what we mean.

5. Adidas Has a Rich History When It Comes to the Olympics

If you turn on the Olympics today, there is a good chance that you’ll see a whole bunch of sneaker brands represented, including Adidas and Nike. But once upon a time, Olympics athletes wore Adidas almost exclusively in an attempt to boost their performances at the Olympic Games.

In 1984, for instance, almost 90% of all Olympic athletes wore Adidas sneakers. That tells you just how rich of an Olympic history that Adidas has.

6. Adidas Played a Big Part in Hip-Hop History

In 1986, Run-DMC dropped their classic single, “My Adidas.” And it cemented Adidas’ legacy within the world of hip-hop.

Since that time, a lot of other rappers have also given their praise to Adidas in their songs. They’ve also worn Adidas in their music videos and at their concerts. It has helped Adidas to play a big part in hip-hop history as a whole.

7. Adidas Has Kanye West in Its Corner

Yes, Kanye West was once closely affiliated with Nike. If you happen to have a pair of his Air Yeezy sneakers sitting in your closet right now, you could make a pretty penny by selling them.

But nowadays, Kanye is riding solely with Adidas. He signed a deal with the brand back in 2013, and he’s been helping to keep Adidas relevant in pop culture ever since then.

Adidas would still be cool to some degree even without Kanye. But Kanye’s ties to the brand take it to the next level. They also help to give Adidas the nod in the seemingly never-ending Adidas vs. Nike debate.

The Adidas vs. Nike Rivalry Is a Lot Closer Than You Might Think

Nike has really had the sneaker game in a chokehold for the last decade or so. That might lead you to believe that Adidas vs. Nike isn’t much of a contest.

But if you look at the bigger picture, Adidas has been the most consistent sneaker company for almost 75 years now. And that is why we’re still giving Adidas props for being better than Nike overall.

Would you like to find more fun articles about Adidas, Nike, and other sneaker brands? Look for them by poking around on the rest of our blog and seeing what it has to offer.

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