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7 Ways Businesses Can Use Stickers

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Stickers have long been used by businesses for a variety of reasons, for promotion, instruction and even marketing and if you run a small business and are looking to boost your local brand, stickers can play a part.

Here are some of the ways that businesses can make good use of stickers.

  1. Stickers instead of labels – Rather than labels, design your own stickers using an online supplier with custom solutions. Labels tend to be removed whereas stickers do not; vinyl stickers are durable and perfect for exterior use. You can choose the shape, size, colour and, of course, text, plus the material, which could be vinyl, foil or a form of plastic.
  2. Instructional stickers – A custom transfer sticker would show your customers where to go and with a custom design, your branding is enhanced. They are ideal for factories, warehouses and even retail stores and can be tailored to suit your brand.
  3. Use stickers instead of tape – If you use tape to secure packages, consider switching to stickers, which add something special to any package; approach a custom sticker producer and see what design they can come up with. 
  4. Large text stickers – Take commercial vehicles as an example, rather than employing a signwriter to adorn your vans and trucks, you can design large text stickers that are durable and will not damage the paintwork. Talk to a company that provides vinyl vehicle stickers and they can show you many images to give you an idea of what is possible. Most companies with a large fleet of vehicles do not make the best use of the valuable space on their trucks; why not review your fleet and see how you can make good use of the space?
  5. Office environment – There are quite a few ways that you can use stickers in the office; you can design motivational quotes or create some abstract art; all your directional signage can be with stickers, plus your company logo can be installed on the reception window. Office doors can be personalized with names and vinyl stickers are easy to remove and they stand the test of time. 
  6. Retail window decoration – Digital tech empowers you to design stunning window stickers of any size. The supplier can show you a catalogue of custom window stickers they have created for their customers, if you don’t see anything that lights your fire, their in-house sticker designer can work his magic. 
  7. Directional floor stickers – Ideal for a retail or warehouse environment, floor stickers don’t take up valuable space and durable materials are standard. Factories, warehouses, hospitals and shopping malls use floor stickers.

As you can see, there are many ways that stickers can be used in a business environment and if you would like to design your own custom stickers and labels, search online for a leading US sticker producer.

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