Amazon is removing Amazon Drive, but it still wants your photos


Amazon has a cloud service for backing up photos and videos, appropriately called Amazon Photos, but the company also offered regular cloud storage that worked like Dropbox or OneDrive. Now, that option is going to disappear.

Amazon Drive, which used to be called Amazon Cloud Storage, can be used to upload files and folders from a computer or mobile device. The data can be accessed later from, or through the desktop and mobile apps. The service was popular mainly due to various promotions, such as Amazon offering 20 GB of storage for a year at the low price of 89 cents.

thurrot reports that Amazon is sending emails to people who used Amazon Drive about shutting down the service. The company said: “On December 31, 2023, we will no longer support Amazon Drive to further focus our efforts on storing photos and videos with Amazon Photos. We will continue to provide customers with the ability to securely back up, share and organize photos and videos with Amazon Photos.”

Amazon Drive has slowly merged with Amazon Photos, the company’s photo and video backup and sync solution (like Google Photos), in recent years. Other than the Drive site, the only way to access your Amazon Drive files is through the Amazon Photos apps on mobile and desktop devices. The service offers unlimited photo storage for Prime customers, along with 5GB of free video storage (people without Prime get 5GB for both).

The good news is that there are plenty of other options for cloud storage, and if you used Amazon Drive, you have plenty of time to migrate your files to another platform.

Source: Thurrot