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Amazon has announced a new physical retail store data collection program, called Store Analytics, with the goal of monitoring customers’ browsing and buying habits. Then share that information with businesses and brands to help improve offers and ads.

Just as websites and e-commerce pages collect data from users, Amazon is now rolling out a system that will do the same in its physical retail stores. In the United States, the company currently has Amazon Fresh stores and Amazon Go “Just Walk Out” stores.

The new tool will allow companies to access anonymous information about buyers through the analytics tool. From here, brands selling at Amazon locations can see how often products are pulled from shelves and if they are purchased or returned. Also, if it is put back on the shelf, Amazon will note if the specific item is later purchased on the Amazon website.

According to the blog post, “Store Analytics provides brands with aggregated, anonymous information about the performance of their products, promotions, and advertising campaigns. These insights will help those same stores continually improve the shopper experience by making store design easier for them to use.” shoppers find their favorite items and discover new ones, improving product selection and availability and delivering great value through relevant promotions and advertising.”

It is important to note that this data is completely anonymized and aggregated and will not share personal information. Everything is grouped together for brands to see the big picture.

Considering how many cameras are in those Just Walk Out stores, some shoppers may be uncomfortable with this new program. Not to mention, Amazon has received a lot of flak for its AI security cameras that record delivery drivers.

Shoppers can opt out of sharing this data with Store Analytics at any time, the company noted in the blog post. Go to “Your Account” in the Amazon Shopping or Amazon.com app, find the “Store Analytics” option, and unsubscribe.

via Business Insider