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Apple’s latest patent looks like a Microsoft Surface Book

An edition of the Surface Book with an iPadOS home screen. microsoft apple

Get ready, because Apple may “invent” the Microsoft Surface concept from a decade ago. The company’s latest patent describes a 2-in-1 laptop with a detachable screen. Notably, this device appears to use a macOS-like UI, at least when docked.

At a minimum, Apple is thinking of a MacBook that has a touch screen, can work in “tablet” mode, and supports a stylus (which appears in the patent). But there’s a decent chance we’re looking at an iPad and MacBook combination.

Microsoft did a poor job executing this concept with Windows 8, which was supposed to toggle between a tablet and PC interface to encourage 2-in-1 hardware design. But Apple is in a much better position than Microsoft was a decade ago. . Both the iPad and the MacBook are powered by an M1 processor, so in theory a Mac running like an iPad isn’t that crazy.

It was not windows center notes, Apple used to be very dismissive of Microsoft’s 2-in-1 concept. In 2012, Tim Cook explained that “you can combine a toaster and a refrigerator, but those things probably won’t be to your liking.” Steve Jobs expressed similar ideas when he showed off the first iPad; Basically, “jack of all trades, master of none” is not Apple’s bag.

I hope Apple combines iPad and Mac, but patents don’t always come to life. And to be honest, a device like this would violate Apple’s product strategy; the company prefers different device categories without much overlap. Also, I have a feeling this type of product would open the door to sideloading apps on the iPad, something Apple wants to avoid.

Source: Apple Patent via Windows Central

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