Attention Novice Entrepreneurs: 5 Things to Outsource


If you are a budding Elon Musk who is eager for business success, there is much to learn and you should start with small, part time projects that allow you to flex your critical thinking muscles. You may have studied at university or business college, so you already know the theory side of supply and demand and the many variables that can impact a business.

Outsourcing is a critical process for any small business, as you don’t have the resources to handle most services in-house and here are some essential services that you can outsource to 3rd party providers.

  1. Marketing – Every business needs to have a strong online profile and the best way to do that is hire a leading digital marketing agency; a team of online marketing specialists can put together a dynamic digital marketing plan. Without professional marketing, where are your customers coming from? We live in a digital world and with search engine optimization and social media marketing, your business will enjoy a strong online presence.
  2. Payroll – Directly employing staff to deal with payroll services and other aspects of HR is a very expensive way of going about things. You are better off outsourcing all your HR needs to a third-party provider, which ensures that your employees are happy and paid on time. When employees do not receive the salary on time, or there are discrepancies, motivation hits an all-time low. You need to outsource all HR needs to an effective agency that works in your sector.
  3. Printing – Why outsource printing? A laser colour printer is a big investment and it is much better to use a local print shop who have state of the art printers and charge reasonable rates for all kinds of printing. A Google search is all it takes to find a local printer and they can typically finish print jobs within a couple of hours. Click here for information on management strategies, which are important. 
  4. Office security – Talk to a local security company about setting up an alarm or CCTV system; they also provide manned security, which can be 24/7. The security expert can assess the risks to your business and propose a solution; which might be several night time visits, depending on your business. If you would like a professional security risk assessment, a local company would be happy to help.
  5. Cyber-security – You simply can’t afford to take any chances with your precious business data and a local managed IT services company can provide you with top-quality cyber-protection. The 21st century criminal is heavily into data theft and they employ a wide range of strategies to achieve their goal. Ransomware is just one example of cyber-attack, when the hacker encrypts your data and you have to pay a ransom to get the data unlocked.

Outsourcing is the most cost-effective way to get things done and it also allows you to compete with larger companies. Indeed, many medium size companies have downsized their operation in favour of using 3rd party providers.