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Best Eyeliner of 2020 – Top Rated liquid eyeliner & Pencil

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It is not you, it is he, the wrong and rebellious eyeliner that you have always used. The one that, even if you try hard, never gives you the outline you are looking for. The one that irritates your eyes or dissolves at noon, leaving spots on your skin. It is time to turn the page and buy a product that makes a difference.

Luckily, eyeliner makers have heard our pleas. Today’s products solve many of the problems of yesteryear. For women with sensitive eyes, there are eco-friendly and hypoallergenic solutions. For fatty eyelids, there are gel and long-lasting. It is a matter of finding the right one, and with this shopping guide you will get it.

The most important

  • The eyeliner is a cosmetic that is used to accentuate the contour of the eyes and give more strength to our eyes. Depending on the format and size of the brush, you can create diverse and personalized aesthetic effects.
  • Although there are more and more types of eyeliner , the most common are the traditional pencil, the marker and the gel format. The first and second are recommended for less experienced users, while the gel requires more skill.
  • If you’re hesitant and can’t choose from so many available eyeliners, take a look at our five key criteria. The texture should be ideal for the characteristics of your skin. The color you choose should contrast with your eye tone. As for the ideal format, it is the one you best manipulate. In addition, pay attention to the formula and the characteristics that indicate its duration.

The best eyeliners on the market: our favorites

Buying the right eyeliner for you doesn’t necessarily mean trying over and over until you find the right one. Save time and money by referring to the following list of our favorite eyeliners. With this information you will take the first steps on safe ground.

  1. The best liquid eyeliner
  2. The eyeliner set
  3. The best eco-friendly pencil liner

The best liquid eyeliner

Maybelline Eyestudio Master Precise All Day Liquid Eyeliner Makeup, Black, 0.034 fl. oz.

Best Eyeliner liquid

The Maybelline brand is a point of reference when talking about quality in makeup. A sample is his Eyestudio Master liquid eyeliner, winner of the Allure Best of Beauty Award in 2013. It is an eyeliner that will give you intense color for up to 12 hours.

One of the features that makes this liner so precise is that its felt tip is ultra-thin, just 0.016 inches thick. It has a constant flow system, which ensures that the thickness of the line will be uniform. It is waterproof and safe to use for people with contact lenses.

The eyeliner set

Fashionwu Waterproof Eyeliner, 12 Colors Eye Liner Eyeshadow Pencil Eye Shadow Highlight Pen, Professional Long-Lasting

Best Eyeliner

If you are one of those who appreciate variety, this set of eyeliners can be yours. It includes eyeliners in marker with 12 colors, different colors, each of 100 gr.

They are waterproof, long-lasting eyeliners. They also work as an eyeshadow pencil and professional makeup marker for everyday and party use. They can also be used as eyeshadow.

The best eco-friendly pencil liner

Pacifica Beauty Natural Eye Pencil in Fringe (Brown)

Best Eyeliner pencil

Pencil liners are by far the easiest to use. You can buy this pencil from Pacifica in black, brown and silver. Also, they were not tested on animals and are 100% vegan.

The eyeliner formula includes vitamins E and C, jojoba oil and Shea butter. These are compounds that will help you keep your skin moisturized and protected. It is waterproof and long lasting.

Shopping Guide: What You Should Know About Eyeliners

You don’t have to do a master’s degree to learn how to line your eyes. It is enough to know how to choose a good product and follow some tricks. Start by dispelling your doubts about the eyeliner once and for all. Carefully read the following list of common questions and their respective answers.

The eyeliner shade you choose will completely change the aesthetic effect you get with the liner.

What is the eyeliner used for ?

An eyeliner – or eyeliner – is a cosmetic that is used to define the contour of the eyes. You can create various aesthetic illusions depending on the product and the type of liner applied. The eyeliner is said to have originated in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.It is also believed that, in its beginnings, it was used with the intention of imitating the gaze of cats.

This product is usually applied to the inner and outer edges of the eye, and is an effective resource to enhance the look. In addition to being one of the cosmetics most used by women, it has recently gained popularity among men. Therefore, more and more brands are developing eyeliners designed for a male audience.

What should and what should not do when applying eyeliner ?

Have you been using the eyeliner for years and still can’t get the effect you’re looking for? It is understandable, as it is sometimes very difficult to find the right technique without the help of a third party. Take a look at the following list of good practices and habits to avoid.

What to doWhat not to do
Apply eye primer to the eyelids before the eyeliner .Do not stretch your eye to the side during application. The outline will be deformed when the eye returns to its position.
Start from the outside towards the tear for a more symmetrical result.Don’t use gel eyeliner if you’re inexperienced.
If you are a beginner, try using eyeliner pen or pencil.Do not choose a very bright and liquid product, it will emphasize your expression lines.
Opt for matte shades to soften your look.Do not lower your head when applying the eyeliner, although it is tempting. On the contrary, if you upload the mentor you will be able to see everything: the basin, the tabs and the root.
If you make a mistake, instead of removing makeup and starting again, use a concealer.

What color of eyeliner is right for me?

Don’t just use the same black eyeliner of a lifetime, there are many options to exploit. Tell me the color of your eyes and I’ll tell you what shade of liner you should use.

  • Blue Eyes: A copper or gold eyeliner will make your eyes look even bluer. The terracotta, champagne and navy colors will also suit you.
  • Green eyes: The reddish tones complement the greenish ones, so the maroon color will suit you very well. You can also experiment with aubergine and bronze.
  • Brown Eyes: Colors like amber and midnight blue will emphasize the small light spots on brown eyes. Purple and cobalt blue work well for you, too.
  • Hazel eyes: A gold or emerald eyeliner will highlight the greenish tones of the hazel eyes. Also try bronze and olive.

The end of the outline or “corner” is the one that lends itself most to experiment. For a 1950s-style effect, draw an ascending ending. 

What tricks will help me achieve a better effect?

If you already have some skill in the art of lining your eyes and you want to go a step further, follow these tricks:

  1. The end of the outline or “corner” is the one that lends itself most to experiment. For a 1950s-style effect, draw an ascending ending. To get the famous puppy eyes effect , draw a descending ending.
  2. Make up the two tails in tune and do not wait to finish one to outline the other. This way you will achieve greater symmetry.
  3. If you are a perfectionist and want a flawless line, be creative. Place a card, tape, or piece of construction paper where the corner begins. Use them as a guide!
  4. Always start as close to the lashes as possible, even if you want a thick stroke. This will avoid gaps that, although not visible to the naked eye, will modify the effect.

What are the different formats of eyeliner ?

It is practically impossible not to find an eyeliner with which we feel comfortable, you just have to find the indicated format. These are the most common:

FormatcharacteristicsIdeal for
GelIt comes in a small bottle and is applied with a brush.It is usually long-lasting and has an intense outline.Users with good pulse and skill.Girls with fatty eyelid.
Marker penIt is very precise and easy to manipulate.It gives little margin for error because it dries very quickly.Girls with little space between the roots and the crease of the eye.Custom designs that require a fine line.
PencilIt is the one of a lifetime, easy to handle and with the advantage that it can be blurred.Beginners and lovers of the traditional.Deep or blurred finishes.

What are the benefits of a hypoallergenic eyeliner?

If you have sensitive eyes, wear contact lenses or have any pathology in the eye area, a hypoallergenic eyeliner will change your life. Some eyeliners that do not have this designation may have an excess of lanolin, paraffin, or other chemicals. These components tend to clog the glands or eye holes, as well as cause infections.

The advantage of hypoallergenic eyeliners is that they are made from natural extracts from organic farming. As they do not contain synthetic, chemical or oil derived from petroleum, these products generate less irritations and allergies. A good quality hypoallergenic eyeliner can offer the same hold and effect as a regular one.

If you are a beginner, try to use eyeliner in marker or pencil. 

How to delineate the eye based on its shape?

Getting an impact look is not rocket science. The key is to determine the outline that best suits the shape of your eyes. What is the best for you?

  • Eyes apart: The mission is to create a closer effect. Outline the entire eye from the end to the tear. Add more intensity in the tear area.
  • Narrow eyes: The effect we are looking for is the opposite of the previous one. Start from the tear with a thin line and intensify the line as you get closer to the outside.
  • Ragged Eyes: Expand your gaze by outlining the upper eyelid from the middle of the eye to the outside.
  • Round eyes: The idea is to create an almond effect. Delineate the eye from the tear to the outside with the same intensity throughout the line.
  • Almond eyes: You’re lucky! Virtually any line will work well for you, play with the tones and effects that you like the most.

What products should I use to remove the eyeliner correctly?

Having to remove the eyeliner every night is the least fun part of using this cosmetic. However, choosing a good product to do it makes it more bearable. Take a look at the following recommendations:

  • Coconut oil or jojoba oil.
  • Oil-based makeup remover (for waterproof eyeliner).
  • Water-based makeup remover (for sensitive skin).
  • Makeup remover towels.

If you have sensitive eyes, wear contact lenses or have any pathology in the eye area, a hypoallergenic eyeliner will change your life.

Purchase criteria

You already know the general characteristics of a good eyeliner. You also know the recommended outline for each type of eye and effect sought. However, sometimes the products are similar and it is difficult to decide which is the right one. Keep in mind the following list of criteria so you are not mistaken.

  • Texture
  • Duration
  • Format
  • Color
  • Composition


It is important to understand that the texture of the eyeliner is not predetermined by the format you choose. It is true that marker pens tend to be drier than gel liners, but each product has its own specific characteristics. That is, you can find a pencil-shaped eyeliner that is very creamy, and another that is not at all.

There is no one suitable texture, since the one indicated for you will depend on your preferences and the particularities of your skin. If you have a greasy eyelid, choose a thick texture so that the product does not run off. In general, ideally it should be robust enough not to dissolve and yet creamy to allow you to flow smoothly.

The eyeliner is a cosmetic that is used to accentuate the contour of the eyes and give more strength to our eyes.


Although many eyeliners claim to be long-lasting, some are longer than others. There are three characteristics that labeling must include in order for them to be semi-permanent:

  1. Make it waterproof.
  2. Make it long-lasting.
  3. It has a high degree of pigmentation.

However, not all women need our eyeliner to guarantee us hours of fixation. If your skin is dry and makeup rarely runs, you don’t need to choose a product with these characteristics. What’s more, you may want your eyeliner not to be long lasting so you can easily remove it at the end of the day.


This is one of the most important criteria that you must take into account when making your purchase. Regardless of the product’s formula or texture, the format you choose will greatly impact your experience. For example, if you don’t want to maintain your cosmetics, a pencil format that needs a pencil sharpener is not convenient for you.

Many beginning women are more comfortable with a pencil or a marker because they are usually easier to manipulate. However, many markers have the disadvantage that they tend to dry more easily. The gel has the benefit of providing intense pigmentation, but the drawback that it requires an additional brush.

This product is usually applied to the inner and outer edges of the eye, and is an effective resource to enhance the look.


The eyeliner shade will completely change the aesthetic effect you get with the liner. If you know yourself and are traditional, it’s okay to go for a black or brown eyeliner. There is no need to experiment for experimentation. But if you are willing to try, there is a universe of colors waiting for you.

Remember what you learned in our shopping guide about which colors go best with your eye tone. Also think about the functionality you will give your eyeliner If you want it to go out at night and generate impact, bright and intense tones will favor you. On the other hand, if you want it for daily use and for work, it may be better to opt for more discreet colors.


Last but not least, always look at the composition of the eyeliner you want to buy. Most eyeliners include three types of ingredients: thickening agents, pigments, and film formers. The predominant agents are usually thickening agents, both in volume and weight.

Make sure that the thickeners included in your product are natural derivatives. One of the most widely used is wax from Japan, which is extracted from the Rhus Succedanea plant. As for pigments, the most widely used are titanium dioxide for lighter shades and iron oxides for blacks and browns.


Congratulations! You are now ready to defend yourself with dignity with an eyeliner You know the different formats of eyeliners available in the market and their advantages and disadvantages. In addition, you have as a reference three of the most popular products among users. Even if none of them convinces you, they will guide you to choose the right one.

In addition, you will be able to identify which colors go best with your eyes and the techniques that will help you get the finish you want. You know what practices to avoid so as not to frustrate your experience, and you even know a few tricks to take the art of drawing to a new level. You just need to apply our recommendations and launch to buy.

If the content of this guide was useful to you, do not hesitate to share it among your contacts. Finally, keep an eye on all our guides and save time and effort on your purchases.

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