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Summer brings many good things, but enduring its high temperatures is not always easy. It is true that many homes have refrigeration equipment, but others do not. In addition, with the changes that have occurred in the climate, there are areas that are now warmer. If your home does not have such an appliance, you can purchase a portable air conditioner.

It is possible that you rent a home and do not want to invest in installing an air conditioning system for your entire home. Your circumstances may also make you change cities from time to time. In these cases, the best is a device like this, since you can take it with you if you move. 

The most important

  • Before you go for a portable air conditioning model, think about whether it is the equipment that best suits your needs. As you will see throughout this guide, these have many advantages, but also some limitations.
  • Don’t forget that this type of air conditioner requires a certain installation. Therefore, you should check if they are compatible with the characteristics of your home.
  • Did you know that some portable air conditioners have a heat pump? Do you know how their cooling power is measured or the noise they emit? We will explain these and other details in the “Purchase criteria” section.

The best portable air conditioners on the market: our recommendations

We know that heat can be unbearable and even harmful for many people, so the best solution is portable air conditioners. If you do not know which one to choose, we present you the best portable air conditioning systems on the market. Carefully read each description and choose the one that best meets your needs. Shall we start?

Top rated portable air conditioner

Honeywell MN12CES Portable Air Conditioner

Honeywell MN12CES Portable Air Conditioner

Experience the ultimate cooling sensation with the Honeywell MN12CES air conditioner, which will cool down to 400 – 550 square feet. Offers thermal overload protection for your added security and peace of mind.

It has a capacity of 12,000 BTU. Its washable double filtration system filters dust, pet dander and hair so they do not enter the unit. You will definitely love this product, as it will help you save money thanks to its low light consumption.


LG comes to offer you its LP0817WSR air conditioner, one of the systems with the best contemporary and elegant design, which can be integrated into any decoration of the room or part. Its automatic rotating air ventilation technology will ensure that you can enjoy the cold that this system emanates.

Use a standard electrical outlet 115 volt / 15 amp. Refreshes up to 150 square feet.

Global Air 10,000

Global Air 10,000

Enjoy the benefits that the Global Air Conditioning brand portable air conditioner can give you, a piece of equipment that you can buy around 240 USD. The appliance cools up to 400 square feet, has two speeds, and distributes air evenly throughout the part.

Its digital controls offer precise temperature adjustments and its remote control allows you to operate the equipment from anywhere in the house. Its capacity is 10,000 BTUs

Honeywell MO08CESWK

Honeywell MO08CESWK

If you want an air conditioning with a good value for money, then choose the Honeywell MO08CESWK equipment, which you can buy at an estimated price of 300 USD. Refreshes pieces up to 350 square feet. Its dual washable filtration system filters dust, pet dander, and hair so they don’t enter the unit.

Enjoy simple and precise control of room temperature with its intelligent digital thermostat system.

Shopping guide: What you should know about a portable air conditioner

Surely you already see yourself enjoying your own air conditioning. The nights without sleep are over and always live in darkness so that the heat does not enter. The review of the best models has been very useful, but you still have to evaluate other aspects to choose the best device. So, don’t be hasty and pay attention to the rest of this guide.

What is a portable air conditioner?

A portable air conditioner is a device that gives off cold and needs little installation. It has one or two tubes that are placed in the window to suck air from outside and to expel it later. This can be sealed to make the equipment work better, many include all the necessary artifacts for you to do it. If not, you will have to purchase it separately.

What type of installation does the portable air conditioner need?

The portable air conditioner always needs an outlet outside. Therefore, its ducts must be placed in a window, in some cases it will be done in a door. Ideally, you should seal that window, if you don’t, the hot air will re-enter the home. Unlike other systems, installation is a simple job that you can do yourself.

How many ducts can a portable air conditioner have?

Portable air conditioning units can have one or two pipes to the outside. Single duct machines are capable of absorbing hot air through a louver. Inside they cool it by means of a compressor and return it to the room. The hot air that has produced the cooling goes out to the outside of the house through a tube.

The equipment with double ducts absorbs the air from the outside of the house through one of them. Then the machine cools him down inside and he finally reaches the room. The other tube is used to expel the hot air that has generated the work of the compressor. As there is an inlet and an outlet duct, said hot air does not return to the home.

Is a portable or fixed air conditioner better?

A fixed air conditioner usually has two units. One of them has a compressor inside that is responsible for cooling the air and is placed outside the house. On the property is the other, which is what distributes the cold air in the room. It always needs a professional installation and is less noisy, but it is more expensive.

The laptop has the compressor inside and cools the air it absorbs from the room or from the outside of your home. Then it distributes it and expels the hot air to the outside. It requires almost no installation and is cheaper. On the other hand, it is also louder, less effective, and less aesthetic. The following table will help you visualize their differences.

Best price
Definitive installation
Simpler installation
Less noisy
Better aesthetics

Is a portable air conditioner the same as a cooler?

You are probably wondering if you can buy a ductless portable air conditioner. The answer is that these teams do not exist. It may surprise you, but we will explain it well. In the market you will find the so-called coolers, which are devices that work like a fan that expel air and cold water.

The problem is that they do not remove the hot air from the room, so they cannot actually cool the room. You will only have a pleasant feeling if you receive the air directly. For this reason, we recommend that between both models, you choose a portable air conditioner. You will get better results, although they have a higher price.

Where should I place the portable air conditioner?

Portable air conditioning machines should always be placed near an air outlet outside. Normally it is a window, but it could also be a door that gives access to a terrace, balcony, patio, or garden. They must have a minimum distance of 50 centimeters from any wall or piece of furniture on all sides.

The portable equipment has the compressor inside and cools the air it absorbs from the room or from the outside of your home. (Source: Alexander Kharchenko: 76770045 /

Where should I not place a portable air conditioner?

You have already seen where to place a portable air conditioner, now we are going to explain where not to do it. It should not be placed in front of another window or door. The reason is that the appliance produces a pressure difference by expelling the hot air to the street. This can attract hot air that enters through another window or door and make it difficult for the room to cool.

Is it difficult to maintain a portable air conditioner?

The maintenance that a portable air conditioner needs is very basic. If it has a condensation water tank, you should empty it every time it is filled and make sure it is always clean. Also clean the filters following the manufacturer’s instructions. Finally, remove the dust from the fan blades with a damp cloth.

How much should the ducts of the portable air conditioner measure?

We cannot tell you how much the ducts of portable air conditioners should measure as it depends on several issues. They must be of the necessary length to make the journey from the device to the window. Also to be able to place the machine in the right place. But it shouldn’t be too long either.

Do not forget that this type of appliance always has a duct that expels hot air. This constant flow of heat contributes to increasing the temperature of the part. Therefore, the longer the tube, the more heat it will give off. If the conduit that comes with the appliance doesn’t match your needs, you can buy a compatible one.William FiskLeader of the research group Indoor Environment Group”Air conditioning also reduces the risk of heat stroke and heat wave related deaths, which are becoming more frequent due to climate change.”

What should not be missing from your portable air conditioner?

Although most air conditioners have the most important basic functions, it is a good idea to check it out. They are aspects that you can take for granted and that will give you easier use if they are finally included. We have prepared the following list so that you are clear on this question. Therefore, take good note of everything you are going to see.

  • Timer. To program it’s on or off.
  • Various speeds. low, medium, and high.
  • Night function. Reduces the noise emitted by the machine at night.
  • Wheel. At least two, but it better be four. They will prevent it from tipping over when you move it.
  • Led screen. It is much more comfortable to configure a device if it has this technology.
  • Remote control. It allows you to control the machine without having to be by his side.
  • Washable filters. They are a saving, although they give work.
  • Installation kit. It is true that you can buy it separately, but it is better that it is the one provided by the manufacturer. Thus, the installation will be easier.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of portable air conditioners?

Without a doubt, a portable air conditioning system can be a great resource on warmer days. You may begin to be clear about the aspects that are fundamental to you. However, we recommend that you do not make your final decision without evaluating some important criteria. Before showing you what they are, pay attention to their main advantages and disadvantages.Advantage

  • It has a fairly simple installation
  • Cools effectively
  • You can change the room or house machine


  • Does not cool like fixed air conditioners
  • Not as comfortable as having air conditioning throughout the home

Purchase criteria

Despite the fact that these types of devices have some disadvantages, their advantages are much greater. Therefore, having a portable air conditioner in your home is a good option. The tips you have seen in this guide have been very useful, as will these last criteria that you should assess. Once you read them, now you can say goodbye to the heat.

  • Heat pump
  • Cooling power
  • Noise
  • Auto evaporation
  • Consumption

Heat pump

Most portable air conditioning equipment serves only to cool the part. However, there are some models that also have a heat pump. Normally, with similar functions, this option has a higher price, so assess whether this is an interesting aspect for you. It will be if your home does not have heating.

Cooling power

The cooling power is usually calculated with the unit of measurement for chilies per hour. It is good to keep this question in mind, as it will help you assess the type of device you should buy. The square meters of the room are one of the most important factors in determining the refrigeration that the machine must have.

If the appliance has fewer fridges than needed, it will not cool enough. If the opposite happens, if you have too many fridges, the room will be too cold and you will also waste energy. The following table will help you to be clear on this matter. We will include the conversion to another measure you can find, the British Thermal Unit (BTU).

Square meters of the roomRequired hourly fridgesBTU / h
Less than 151,0004,000
From 15 to 201,5006,000
From 21 to 302,0008,000
From 31 to 40Between 2,500 and 3,000Between 10,000 and 12,000


The equipment with double ducts absorb the air from the outside of the house through one of them.
(Source: Your Best Digs: 95622080 /


There are some portable appliances that need to be drained and have a container to collect the evaporating water. This accumulation of water can lead to the appearance of mold on the appliance, if you do not perform proper maintenance. To avoid this, we recommend that you purchase a self-evaporating appliance that restores moisture to the piece.


If the cooling power is measured in refrigerator hours, the electrical consumption is calculated in watts or kilowatts (kw) hour. They are different magnitudes, but they are related. To convert the fridges into watts, you must multiply them by 0.86 and to pass this amount to kw, you will have to divide it by 1000.

Keep in mind that the amount reflected on your electricity bill will depend on the price you pay per kilowatt-hour (kWh). But, logically, the higher kilowatts consumed, the higher the cost of having a portable air conditioner. We have expanded the previous table so that you can see it more clearly and do not get any surprises.

Square meters of the roomRequired hourly fridgesWatt hour / Kw hour
Less than 151,000860 / 0.86
From 15 to 201,5001,290 / 1.29
From 21 to 302,0001,720 / 1.72
From 31 to 40Between 2,500 and 3,000Between 2,150 and 2,580 / 2.15 and 2.58


A portable air conditioner is ideal if you don’t want to have to carry out works in your house to install a fixed machine or if it is not within your budget. Also if you rent a home or have a house on the beach. Having such a device will cool your home more than acceptable with a minimum installation and a moderate economic investment. You will achieve better results if you have double duct.

Along these lines, you have discovered in which cases a portable air conditioner is better than a fixed one. You also learned where to place it, its cooling power, or its consumption. You have learned some details about its use and also about its maintenance. There is no doubt that you are already more than ready to make your purchase and stop passing the unbearable heat.

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