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The little silicone tips that allow the earbuds to fit in your ear are easy to lose. Fortunately, they’re also easy to replace, with a semi-standard size that fits around 90% of earphones on the market. Here are the best.

We’ve selected the best replacement options for regular silicone tips, which come in a variety of sizes for even the most unusual earbud designs. We’ve also made selections for memory foam ear tips, which are a popular choice for those who want a little more comfort, as well as selections for those who need an ultra-secure fit for sports and fitness, and a multi-flange design for those who demand insulation. top acoustic.

Update, 05/11/22: Checked that all content and links are up to date. Replaced the “best tips for sports” selection.

Best Silicone Ear Tips: SpinFit CP100 Eartips

The silicone tips for SpinFit CP100 headphones in purple

If all you need is a new set of ear pads, there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of nearly identical options online and in retail stores. Among them, we recommend the spare parts sold by SpinFit. While the design is more or less the same as the others, SpinFit’s excellent materials are a cut above the rest. Even better, they come with different sizes of adapters, which means they’ll work with a variety of brands of headphones and in-ear monitors. For the semi-standard size, choose 4mm. For others, check your manufacturer’s specifications or measure an original one.

SpinFit replacement tips come in a variety of ear canal sizes, with several included in each package for a precise fit. In addition to the standard silicone design, they are available with multiple flange options for those who want a better or deeper seal. Somewhere in this deep product lineup is a game that’s perfect for you.

Best silicone tips for earphones

SpinFit CP100 Headphones

Need to replace your old Grody silicone tips? These come in five sizes, and will do the trick.

Best Memory Foam Ear Tips: Comply Isolation Plus

Comply Isolation Plus TX-500 memory foam ear tips in medium size

For those who prefer a more snug, comfortable fit, Comply’s beloved memory foam tips are perfect. With dense foam that compresses as it enters the ear and expands to form a tight seal, it’s a great upgrade if you’re looking for a set of tips that are more secure without being too tight.

While there are several imitators, Comply’s original memory foam design remains a favorite choice (and there are specific options for Sony and Sennheiser headphones). The standard version comes with three pairs, in small, medium and large options (with a triple pack available with one of each). Four different sizes of adapters are also sold, for an ideal fit with multiple brands of headphones. Check out this guide to see which ones you need. Ear shapes are also offered in “isolation” varieties, seen here, “sport” and “comfort”, for different levels of pressure and noise isolation.

Best memory foam ear tips

Comply Insulation Plus

Whether you need generic or specific Sony or Sennheiser foam tip replacements, you’ll love them.

Best Replacement Tips with Fins: Vezukv Sport Grips

Vezukv Earbuds Replacement Tips Soft Silicone Earbud Locks Sport Grips Headphones Stabilizer Fins Wings Tips for in-Ear and Ear Canal Earbuds

Users who like to use music to augment their workouts need earbuds that are rock-steady, and a big part of that is earbud fit. These replacement silicone tips come in a variety of sizes, plus built-in fins (sometimes called wings) to fit securely on your earlobe, which also come in a variety of sizes. For a secure fit and a hassle-free run or gym session, it’s an ideal choice.

Winged earphone tips should be able to stretch to fit most earbuds. Note that if you’re using something larger, with a dedicated band, or a non-standard controller, you may need to look for replacements from the manufacturer itself; replacement parts are usually listed in the online store when available.

Best replacement tips with fins

Vezukv Sport Grips

Need new finned silicone tips that stay on better while you exercise? We love these.

Best Sound Isolating Ear Tips: AudioEquip Triple Flange

Foam earcups generally do a good job of isolating noise from the outside world, but they come with muddiness and an artificial emphasis on bass sound. If you’re looking for sound isolation and an overall neutral sound profile, these Triple Flange Tips from AudioEquip are exactly what you want. Its staggered-chamber design helps isolate sound produced by standard headphone and in-ear monitor drivers.

Note that they are especially great for earphone tips; Depending on the size of your ears, you may want to trim the third tab, which can be done with sharp scissors or a knife. This set is designed specifically for high-end Shure earphones, but should work on similar designs as well.

Best sound isolating ear tips

AudioEqip Triple Flange

Get rid of all those unwanted background noises and focus on your music with these replacement tips.

Custom Options: Soundmolds, Snugs, Westone

Headphones are generally made as a one-size-fits-all solution; while some come in packs of three or more, they are all round and designed to stay with an overall fit. If you wear headphones constantly throughout the day and are also constantly frustrated by them falling out, you may want to look for an option that’s tailor-made for your ears.

Snugs, SoundMolds and Westone Customs use custom-molded plastic that’s designed to conform to the creases of your earlobe and ear canal for a snug fit that isolates sound that doesn’t leak out even under immense pressure. They are all extremely expensive by headphone standards; don’t expect to walk out of any of those stores for under $200. And they take a while to come in, as you’ll need to meet with a specialist and have custom impressions of your ears taken. But if you’re looking for the ultimate in fit and sound, it may be worth your time and money.