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Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Cases of 2022

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What to look for in a Galaxy Z Flip 4 case

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is one of the hottest new phones of 2022. Featuring a sleek flip-screen design, the device can be folded to an ultra-portable size that makes it easy to slip into a back pocket when you hit the road. Owning a foldable smartphone has many perks, and you’ll want to make sure you protect your expensive and fragile device with a suitable case.

While much of your Galaxy Z Flip 4 case search will come down to style, there are a few key things to keep in mind when comparing different products. The first (and possibly the most important) is hinge protection. Your fancy new phone is only as good as that hinge, and if it’s not protected, it’s much more likely to get damaged.

Many cases come with some sort of hinge protection, though you’ll have to put up with a little extra bulk. It’s a minor tradeoff and something to consider if your phone frequently ends up on the ground.

Price is also a big factor, with cases today ranging from affordable $20 products to ultra-luxury models approaching the $100 mark. You’ll find great options across this spectrum. More expensive products are often more durable or offer more premium-feeling materials, but there’s nothing wrong with choosing an affordable case if it fits all your needs.

Once you’ve figured out its price and whether or not you need hinge protection, you’ll want to look at other factors like available colors, overall size, and other unique quirks that different cases bring to the playing field.

It can be hard to narrow down all the options, but we’ve found these seven products to be among the best Galaxy Z Flip 4 cases available.

Symmetry Series fold 4 on green background


  • slim design
  • antimicrobial properties
  • various colors available


  • Not as durable as other options on this list

OtterBox is one of the best-known makers of phone cases and accessories, so it should come as no surprise that their Galaxy Z Flip 4 product lineup is impressive. The Symmetry Series Flex antimicrobial stands out from the pack thanks to integrated hinge protection and the availability of four unique color options (black, brown, blue and purple).

Although it incorporates hinge protection, the Symmetry Series Flex Antimicrobial still registers at less than two ounces, making it a lightweight product that won’t clog up your pocket or bag. It’s also surprisingly slim and features raised edges for extra screen protection.

This case is a great option for most buyers: slim, durable, and with plenty of colors available, there’s not much to dislike.

It’s priced a bit high at $70, and you might be able to find cases that offer a bit more protection, but the OtterBox’s blend of performance and style is hard to beat.

drand skin fold 4 on purple background


  • customizable design
  • incredibly thin
  • Affordable


  • It only protects from scratches.

The dbrand Matte Black Galaxy Flip 4 Case is about as slim as the protection you can get for your Flip 4. This case is held in place with adhesives and nothing else, unlike most cases that fold your phone into place. inside.

If you are looking for high-end drop protection, a phone case is generally not the solution. But if you’re just worried about scratches, dbrand’s offering is a great option. Not only can you accessorize your look in so many fun ways, but you’ll have a hard time finding something that’s slimmer.

Installing the dbrand skin may seem complicated, but it’s incredibly easy. There are plenty of video tutorials to help you through the process (here’s a popular Flip 3 tutorial), though it essentially boils down to carefully aligning a section of the cover with the top of your phone and then pressing down to secure it.

Once this is done, you will simply squeeze out the wrinkles. In a few minutes, you will have a scratch-protected case personalized to your liking.

Galaxy Z Flip4 Clear Case with Ring


  • The included ring allows for easy handling.
  • slim design
  • price payable


  • Ring can be rough when not in use
  • Without hinge protection

The Samsung Genuine Flip 4 Clear Cover With Ring Case is a great all-rounder. It also comes with a cool design quirk with a built-in ring grip for added support and stability. This is great when needed, but can get in the way when not in active use.

Other than that, this clear case is a remarkably slim product, possibly because it doesn’t offer any hinge protection. It’s priced at just $30, so you might be willing to skip over the omissions if you’re on a budget. And if you’re a fan of the look of your Flip 4, you’ll be happy to know that this case is transparent, allowing you to show off your stylish new smartphone in all its glory.

Do you like everything about the case except the ring grip? Take a look at the Clear Slim cover, which is almost identical except that it lacks the useful grip. It’s also $25, making it an inexpensive option.

Galaxy Z Flip4 Flip Leather Case


  • premium look
  • three color options
  • Impressive hinge protection for its size.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 Flap Leather Case looks good, offers great protection, and is made from premium materials. Of course, luxury features come at a luxury price, as you’ll be paying $90 for this high-end case. But you own an expensive, cutting-edge smartphone – splurging on a great case can be worth the investment.

If the price doesn’t scare you, you’re in for an impressive product. The unique hinged flap moves with the case, allowing it to slide into place when folded and stay out of the way when not needed. It also gives you a smooth, grippy texture to grip and ensure your phone doesn’t slip out of your hands.

The Flap Leather Case is available in black, peach, and serene purple, offering the same luxurious functionality and design. You might catch some scratches on the leather if you put it in a rough environment, but it’s better there than on your phone.

Caseology Nano Pop Silicone Case on Pink Background


  • Affordable
  • colorful designs
  • Double layers for added protection.


  • Without hinge protection
  • The design will not be to everyone’s liking

Caseology’s Nano Pop Silicone Case is a bit more vibrant than the competition, offering a two-tone design that’s bright and eye-catching. It also features dual layers of thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate for durability, though it lacks hinge protection.

The striking design of this case is probably the reason why you will want to buy it. Bold colors won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you want something flashy that doesn’t cost a ton of money, this is the case for you.

Fortunately, Caseology focused on more than just vibrant colors, offering a slim, protective product at one of the lowest prices on our list. There’s no hinge protection, but for the price, that’s not too shocking.

If you like the pop of color this case offers, you can choose from three palettes: Light Violet, Burgundy Bean, and Blueberry Navy.

Best Colorful Case for Galaxy Z Flip 4

Best Galaxy Z Flip 4 Minimalist Case: Spigen Tough Armor

Spigen Tough Armor Cases


  • minimalist design
  • hinge protection
  • Raised lip to help protect the camera


  • Only available in black

Featuring a sleek and understated black design, the Spigen Tough Armor is the opposite of the Nano Pop. Its minimalist design is great if you don’t want to draw attention to your smartphone but want solid, all-around protection.

Spigen built this Tough Armor case with raised edges, giving you extra protection for your screen and camera. There’s also a hinge guard seamlessly integrated with the rest of the case, giving it a premium look and fantastic protection despite its average price of $55.

Unfortunately, this case from Spigen is only available in black, and the design is very functional, but boring. But if you don’t care and need something reasonably priced with impressive durability, consider taking a closer look at Tough Armor.

Best Minimalist Case for Galaxy Z Flip 4

Spigen Tough Armor

Spigen’s Tough Armor is only available in one color scheme, but its minimalist styling and hinge protection make this one of the best cases on the market.

Civil case Galaxy Z Flip 4
Urban Armor Team


  • durable design
  • robust appearance
  • hinge protection


  • Bulkier than the competition

The Urban Armor Gear Civilian Case is arguably the most aggressive looking product on this list. The case not only looks rugged and military-grade, it has the specs to back it up, and its performance meets military drop-test standards. You will have great resistance to drops and shocks with this UAG case.

But high-end hinge protection and drop resistance come at a price, and with the Civilian, it comes with weight. The Urban Armor Gear case clocks in at over two ounces.

It doesn’t sound like much, but considering most cases are well under two ounces, it’s bulkier than the competition and will definitely make the phone feel heavier in the hand. But if you need something to stand up to your weekend adventures, there are few options that can compete.

We’re fans of the Olive Green color, but you’ll also find the UAG case in Black and Blue Mallard.

Best Galaxy Z Flip 4 Rugged Case

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