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Build Your Perfect Vacation With These LEGO Sets – Review Geek

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year for LEGO. The holiday season is when LEGO puts out some of the best games of the year, so it’s a great time to shop for gifts for friends and family. Or, if you prefer, you can treat yourself.

To help you find the best LEGO sets for this holiday season, we’ve put together this list of our favourites. From a merry Christmas tree to a colossal Colosseum, you’re sure to find something to love.

Best for Building a Holiday Village: Holiday Main Street

A LEGO vacation set includes two buildings and a tram.

Have you been collecting LEGO sets like the Visiting Santa set to create a holiday village? If so, the Holiday Main Street set will be the perfect addition to your festive town. This 1,514-piece set allows you to build two village shops and a tram. It also comes with six minifigures and lots of pieces to build extras like Christmas trees.

If you’re looking to add a little movement to Main Street, you can pair the tram with Powered Up devices and tracks. Please note that these devices, including Hub, Train Motor, and Tracks, are sold separately.

A LEGO Christmas tree is shown on a white background.

There is something about a Christmas tree that brings the joy of the season to any room. If you’re short on space (and you love all things LEGO), you’ll want to pick up this Christmas tree set. It comes with 784 pieces and is perfect for builders ages 12 and up.

The beauty of this affordable set is that it gives you two build options. You can create one larger tree that is 11 inches tall or two smaller trees. The medium tree is just over 9 inches while the small tree is just over 6 inches. No matter which tree you build, it is sure to be a wonderful decoration for the holidays.

Best for Reindeer Games: Santa’s Sleigh

A LEGO sleigh is pulled by four LEGO reindeer.

Whether you’re looking for a new addition to your vacation town or just want to play some reindeer games, the Santa’s Sleigh game is a great buy. It comes with 343 pieces that allow builders ages nine and up to create Santa’s sleigh and four of his reindeer. It also comes with a minifigure of Saint Nicholas himself.

In addition to Santa, his sleigh and four tiny reindeer, this set also includes extras as gifts for all the good LEGO boys and girls, as well as items to embellish the sleigh. When complete, the entire set measures 3 inches high by 11.5 inches long by 2.5 inches wide.

Best Daily Surprise: LEGO City Advent Calendar

The elements of a LEGO advent calendar are shown on a white background.

Everyone loves an advent calendar because it allows you to enjoy little surprises in the days leading up to Christmas. While many people have had an advent calendar that includes sweets and snacks, a calendar with inedible surprises can be just as (if not more) fun. Don’t you believe us? Just take a look at the LEGO City Advent Calendar.

This LEGO-themed advent calendar comes with 24 days of gifts, making it 287 pieces in all. Kids and the young at heart will love to see what their daily surprise is. It can be anything from a festive minifigure, animal friend, or festive accessory.

Best for Hobbyist Egyptologists: Great Pyramid of Giza

A LEGO pyramid is shown on a white background.

From the Great Pyramid of Giza to the stoic Sphinx, there is something about ancient Egypt that is fascinating. If a trip to Egypt is a bit out of your budget right now, you can always bring a little bit of Egypt into your home. How? With the help of the Great Pyramid of Giza set.

This new addition to the LEGO Architecture line comes with 1,476 pieces and is ideal for builders aged 18 and over. As you build, you’ll see that this set includes views of the Nile River and incredible details like cross sections showing tunnels and chambers deep within the pyramid. At 13.5 inches wide, this LEGO model will make the perfect historical centerpiece.

Best for Super Mario Fans: The Mighty Bowser

A LEGO Bowser figure is shown on a white background.

Most people cheer for that little Italian plumber when they play any game in the Super Mario franchise. However, others find the bigger villain more interesting. LEGO realizes this, which is why the brand created The Mighty Bowser set to honor King Koopa.

When you pick up this set, you’ll have a big build ahead of you, as the set comes with 2,807 pieces. Due to the sheer size and complexity of this build, it is recommended for ages 18+. The beauty of this LEGO set is that the finished Bowser model is fully posable and comes with a display stand and special features like jaws.

Best Motorized Set: Motorized Headlight

A LEGO lighthouse is shown on a white background.

LEGO fans around the world have been talking about the Motorized Lighthouse set since long before it was available for purchase. This 2,065-piece set allows builders ages 18 and up to build a fully functional lighthouse. All thanks to a battery box, a medium motor and a cable with lights.

Once the lighthouse is built, the light will spin and shine from the top of the tower. However, that is not all that this set includes. You can also open the lighthouse to reveal a spiral staircase and a cozy cabin where the two minifigures can relax when they’re not searching the sea for ships.

Best for combining sports and LEGO: table football

A LEGO foosball game is shown.

Even if you’re not athletic, it’s easy to enjoy a game of foosball. LEGO brings this fun to LEGO lovers around the world with the new Foosball game. With 2,339 pieces and 22 minifigures, this set lets you build a working foosball table. This means you can enjoy building the set and then have hours of fun playing table football.

One of the most remarkable features of this LEGO set is the diversity displayed by the Minifigures. Each set includes figures with a wide variety of skin tones, including one with vitiligo. You will also find that one of the minifigures has headphones. All these little details are big gains for the representation.

Best Blast From The Past: Castle of the Lion Knights

A LEGO castle and figures are shown.

Who says you can’t relive the past? LEGO has created the castle of the Knights of the Lion as an ode to the original castle from 1984. And what an ode it is! This iconic LEGO set comes with 4,514 pieces and 22 minifigures. When complete, the castle stands over 14 inches tall. It’s no wonder this set is recommended for builders ages 18 and up.

Due to the impressive size of the castle, there are many hidden details throughout the building. In addition to the various rooms, you can also explore hidden passages, moving walls, secret hideouts, and a dungeon trapdoor.

Best for Old-School Gamers: Atari 2600

A LEGO Atari game is shown.

Gamers around the world have Atari to thank for being among the first to bring video games into our homes and hearts. To celebrate one of the original consoles, LEGO has released the Atari 2600 set. With 2,532 pieces and a minifigure, you can build your own Atari that you can display anywhere.

There are many details scattered throughout the build to celebrate the Atari 2600. For example, the front panel includes switches that work to mimic the original console. You can also build your own Atari joystick that moves and feels just like the original.

Best LEGO Splurge: Colosseum

A LEGO Colosseum set is shown.

Sometimes you have to treat yourself, and the Colosseum set is a great way to do it. This giant set comes with a whopping 9,036 pieces that allow you to build a replica of the Colosseum. LEGO recommends this set for builders aged 18 and over, and we recommend breaking your build into multiple sessions.

When it’s finally finished, you’ll notice architectural details like arches and old walkways. You’ll also find that the Colosseum set includes the hypogeum, which is the elliptical-shaped structure below the arena floor.


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